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The name adekunleGOLD, does it ring a bell? Are you an Instagramer? Have you been seeing some crazy photo manipulations? Then you must have come across this multi-talented man’s several works. In this interview with KINGFEMII he talks about his love for art and his several other talents.

Adekunle Gold
Let’s meet you sir, what’s your name?

Kosoko Adekunle but they call me AdekunleGOLD

Nickname never finish o… some of us know you as KING OF SOMETHING…. Gist us na 😀

Lol…. You can call me the King Of Photoshop then

Yeah :D… What’s your family structure like? What do you do and how did it start?

I’m the 1st and only son, with 2 sisters. I’m a singer/Brand developer and a very creative visual artist

Wow… so you sing too? How many tracks do you have now?

I belong to a group called The Bridge

Interesting…. So who are the three people you admire (Mentors)

As an artist: James Abinibi and Kemi Adetiba, as a singer: 2face

Everybody loves 2face :D…. As an artist you must have worked for a lot of people, which would you consider the biggest, how did you come about it and what influence did it have on your career?

I did a job for some Italian blogger. He wanted me to do a brand identity for him and he paid me really good. And It made me happy that people outside my region are loving my works, cos he referred me to some more people

Guess that job earned you that title yeah?

The King of Photoshop title?


Lol nah. I don’t make money off my king of Photoshop shii. For now, it’s just fun. Although people see my stuff on IG and ask that I do some designs for them and yeah that’s coming really good. J

You should do one for me too #FamzingTime ;;)


So any regrets so far

Nah, if I knew better I would have done better…. I don’t regret

Niiiceeee…. So who is the biggest influence on your life?

Err…. I really don’t have one.

Lol…. What’s your vision of a perfect society?

Every youth gets something legit doing. I love to see people doing greater exploits. No unrest whatsoever.

Moment of truth now…. Please don’t lie…. What’s the greatest lie you’ve ever told?

Lool I’m tryna remember…..

Try and remember…. Let’s move to other questions, we’ll come back to that

Apart from photoshopping what do you do in your spare time? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I surf the internet to learn new stuffs. I get inspired by things I see around me… yeah I’m a thinker too. I think really too deep.

Multi-talented lomo :D. Politics?


Lol but you’ll design campaign posters for them if they come with money yeah?


Na so… what’s your magic formula for success

God! God first in everything, hard work then consistency

Now this is my favourite part…. #TeamPEPSI or #TeamCOKE???

#TeamCOKE yo! Wait, which one wants to sign me? Lol Pepsi? Ok Pepsi then. Lmao

Hahaha…. Advice to your FANS (We)

Whatever your heart findeth to do, do it with all your heart. Be consistent, stay resilient while you’re at it too, success is soon. And yeah stay outta trouble. Thank you for making me feel relevant. I’m honoured. Lol

So the lie

I told most my friends I was gon be married at 25 L I lied to them

But that’s not a lie na…. you thought ni  na

Lol as I can’t remember nko. The thing is I don’t lie like that mhnn…. I feel too old for that. -__-

Lmao…. Thanks a lot for your time bro…. it was fun chatting with you sir.

You’re welcome bro… I’m honoured tho.


Some of his wonderful manipulations:

AdekunleGold IMG_6969adekunle GoLD1



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