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Born Adetunji Ife-Adebiyi, a.k.a Ife Rhobes is the C.E.O Rhobes Clothing Co, a fast rising clothing line in Africa In this interviiew with KINGFEMII reveals his future political intention and the long list of his celebrity customers.


What’s your Name sir?

Adetunji Ife-AdebiyiIMG_6875

Family structure? What do you do and how did it start?

Family of four kids of which i’m the first born and raised by two teachers. I run a fast growing clothing outfit: Rhobes Clothing company, a label that has created pieces that the nigerian man can strut and be proud of

Woooow…. So is there anything you would rather than what you are doing now that you would rather do?

Naaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…. Nothing! you know now.

3 people you admire (your mentors)?

People i admire go plenty small o (LOL) but since we’re constrained by number i’ll try to limit it. that has gotta be my mother (Nobody strong like her), Oswald Boateng and that 3rd one would be any young person holding their heads up, not waiting on the governement to do everything and making a living without crrime

Lovely! we plenty :D…. Happiest and saddest moments of your career?

Happy moments…. Omo e plenty o! My 1st fashion show and that same day my father called me Rhobes for the 1st time, Punch interview as young entrepreneur and everytime a client appreciates our creationsRhobes 1

Any regrets so far?

I have none…. i believe everything that happens has a lesson in it, so i basically just learn from it and develop past it

Who is (are) your best costumer(s) so far

Well…. customers plenty o, we’ve been privileged to do a lot of work for Gbenga Adeyinka d 1st, Ice Prince Zamani, Brymo, capital FEMI, Dotun cool FM and Doyin Awomosu who isn’t a celebrity as it were is worthy of mention here

What’s your vision of a perfect society

There’s really nothing as a perfect society, we can just have a society where things work, where there is power, where we aren’t oppressed by those who are supposed to serve us

So what do you do at your spare time

There’s hardly spare times these days, work has become fun, so sometimes when we chill as it were there’s work involved. I’m a family person, so when i have some time to spare i like to share with them, with those close to my heart, my family, my fiancee and my very small circle of friendsRhobes 2


Well…. I’m a card carrying member of a political party and sometime in the future i just might be running for a political office, we have to go beyond just common cheap talk

So what’s your magical formula for success

Knowing there’s no magic formula is number one, never say nevr, impossible is nothiing and only God can truly bless


Now this is my favourite part of the interview…. #TeamCOKE or #TeamPEPSI *Raised eyebrow*

You know i’ve been seeing this thing… what’s it about? I’m not much of a cola person but #TeamCOKE sha

Seriously??? Just give your final words jare… Pepsi over coke sha

Urm…. How you dress are a form of advertising, make sure u look the part and dont just wear clothes…. wear Rhobes


Thank you very much for your time sir…. Have a nice week and we wish you all the best in your career

Contacts: 07046269994

Twitter : @rhobesco

Website : www.rhobes.com



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