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So Phynophonia has been on for a bit and a half now with the release of his debut album, No Guts No Glory, which was launched few weeks ago.

As much as his album has been suggested to be a part of schools curriculum just to depict the level of talent this Eastern born act has stored in him, almost all the tracks on the album is a hit but the particular one that stands out and has garnered massive airplay is the Track, Alobam.

Though fast gaining popularity, what is amazing about the track is that it is in the Musician’s mother tongue, which is his niche anyway, but all tribes seemed not to mind as they nod their head away to the track even though unbeknown of its meaning.

Well that’s what 360nobs is here to tell you!

Alobam, an igbo phrase, is coined from the word ‘armed robber’. Now i know what youre thinking but calm down, thats not the meaning.

Figuratively speaking, it denotes someone you can go the extra mile with, your ride or die. It is like a code of conduct for people who don’t snitch on each other.

It is a street slang for your best friend who would have your back at all times.

Kinda Cool.

So if anyone calls you their Alobam, you should be honoured.

Have anyone like this in mind? Comment below.

Meanwhile, here is the lyrics to Phyno‘s song, Alobam.





Men pasa na ogbe..

Juo ese iga afu na ha bu Alobam ..

Men mu Anya .. And ha adiro arukwa Kam.. 

Iga afu na ha bu Alobam.. (2x)



Stand up guy

Yea I know you got my back ibu Alobam..

Reppin for these niggaz from city to city I knw you got me ibu Alobam (2x)



Men pasa na ogbe juo ese iga afu na ha bu Alobam ..

Reppin for these niggaz from city to  city I knw u got me I bu Alobam..(2x)



Onye Eze bu Onye Eze ima na okwa chi na Eme Eze Abum nwabialuije nke mbu oya nwanne Biko juo ese..

Onye enyelu Nya Nye ka onodu nwanne ya gbanwe. Ka obanye nxt level ka ihe iriuju d na Ndu ya gafe..

I’m livin in the future aliens are taking my picture and i’m thinking in my mind i’m just one hell of a creature..

I put my city on and they Ever ready to ball.. Abum onu na ekwuru Igbo one.. Shout out to Mr. Raw



Men pasa na ogbe..

Juo ese iga afu na ha bu Alobam ..

Men mu Anya .. And ha adiro arukwa Kam.. (2x)



She aint even know me but shawty talk say she know

take a picture so many like when she instagrammed that pic (2x)



Ndi a na enem Anya lyk d boy is not ready

Na acho inapum ife but dey knw am gon get it..

Shout out to the niggaz who be reppin’ for my city steady telling me to get em and yea finally we made it, We made it

bia Nwa mbada ke di way.. Onye kolum tooo munwa ako d way, guys na afu uzo ha na esim d way..

Na Agba mbo ima ha na enwete the pay..



Men pasa n ogbe juo ese iga afu na ha bu Alobam..

Reppin 4 dis niggaz 4rm city 2 city I knw u gat me ibu Alobam.. (2x)



Yea am killin all dis niggaz nma bialu ha mgbalu, na acho so so ihe nga eji we tuo Ndu mmanu

got my eyes on these haters ka egbe mbia mpalu.. Ha na ajum nwanne I to na nkanu..

Oh.. Muna Alobam see we no dey carry last anyi na akusasi d place ha si na odizi ka jazz..

And e acticha ha ga ajugi wat nxt pino pino formuo guys ga Agba ha set..

Adigodim woooo..

And Hana akokwa tooo..

Nekwa umu ajibo nw na aform street obuna idi ako maka money nwanne inako tooo..



Stand up guy.. Yea I knw u got ma bck I bu Alobam ..

Anu nwelu Obi ..

I bu Alobam



Men pasa na ogbe..

Juo ese iga afu na ha bu Alobam ..

Men mu Anya .. And ha adiro arukwa Kam.. (2x)

She aint even know me but shawty talk say she know

take a picture so many like when she instagrammed that pic (2x)



Fatboi nwannem Chika family ha bukwa alobam..

Summer O boy na kwelum oyoyo and I ma ha bukwa Alobam..

Slow Diggy nwanne.. Runtown nwamama I bukwa alobam..

Anyi nature chidi yte men to na ogbe unu bukwa Alobam..

Kedu gab Ofochukwu ebe obuna iga nwanne kenechukwu, anyi enwe buro cha Kita anyi na agu na puku..

Wit fans everywhere hancha na ekuzim ikuku..

flipside nwanne cho cho Cyril G I bukwa alobam..

Illbliss Oga boss.. Capital team Nile bukwa Alobam..

Iceprince Zamani , Baddo mi TimayA bukwa Alobam ..

Kedu maka Flavour Peter and Paul Jude jmartins and bracket bukwa Alobam

<Repeat Chorus>

<repeat hook>


Lyrics Credit: Noble Igwe

Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

Unorthodox Female | Writer | PR Consultant. I am Titanium


  1. Alobam!! Dnt know wat it really means buh cant just stop feeling Ʈħɇ song whenever i hear it.just know it kindaoff sounds street like.phynodaphynno alobam rocks. Big ups 2u Man. Alobam!

  2. ”stand up guy . .yea i know u qot my back ibu alobam”. . . . . .shoutout to phyno. . .nwanne i love ya badly

  3. whosoever interpreted this song is a leaner! He did not get it right at all. he just made the rap flat. the first 2 lines mean “people i grew up with in the hood, go and ask, you will see that they are my Alobam”. but the interpretation given was so wrong, that i couldn’t even read the rest.

    Please next time, ask an Igbo brother and stop guessing. mu na Phyno bu Aloba! straight up!

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