2Face’s Spiritual Healing video = The Weeknd’s Knowing Video – Another Copied Concept or just mere Coincidence?

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Clarence Peters is hailed as one of the best video directors in Nigeria, if not the best, which is why people find it difficult to believe that someone of his calibre will resort to jacking concepts.

In a recent article titled How Clarence Peters stole concepts, footage for Ice Prince and Tiwa Savage music videos published by Osagie Alonge of The Net, the concept jacking by Mr. Peters to create the videos for Tiwa Savage‘s Eminado (Tumi – Asinamali) and Ice Prince‘s VIP (SlaughterHouse ft Cee Lo Green – My Life) was revealed which made a number of people question Clarence‘s decision to unwittingly jack concepts and in some cases clips (or the total video) from other foreign videos and while many thought it was only those two, sadly it wasn’t.

Chee formerly known as Chidynma D’Voice‘s October 2013 video release of A nom Ebea was a direct copy Rank Xerox of Robin Thicke‘s Magic

Watch Robin Thicke – Magic

Watch Chee – A nom Ebea

No idea is unique is what people like to say and no doubt a lot of people will turn to that in defense of Clarence and his studio. However when the same allegations keep popping up, it just might be time to review those awards he has been given for being the Best Music Director in Nigeria if the concept for most of those awards were jacked from other people’s videos.

The widely panned video for Tuface Idibia‘s Spiritual Healing which was released about a month ago has brought back the issue of Clarence jacking other videos to help with his projects as some scenes in this new video and the video for The Weeknd‘s Knowing released in 2012 are too similar to be a mere coincidence. While the animation and illustration of this video were done by different people, Niyi ‘XYZ’ Faleyimu and Samuel Psalmurai Achema respectively, Clarence was at the helm of this music video and would have had a major say in the concept adopted.

2Face – Spiritual Healing

Ex3 (1) copy

The Weeknd – The Knowing

Ex3 (2) copy

When the similarity between both videos was initially brought to my attention i was quick to dismiss it as i figured it was just a mere coincidence. However while i still believe it’s all just a mere coincidence, it’s difficult to ignore the similarity in these pictures captured from different scenes in both videos in addition to which both videos start off with the same effects sound.

2Face – Spiritual Healing

Ex1 (1) copy

The Weeknd – The Knowing

Ex1 (2) copy

2Face – Spiritual Healing

Ex2 (1) copy

The Weeknd – The Knowing

Ex2 (2) copy

2Face – Spiritual Healing

Ex4 (1) copy

The Weeknd – The Knowing

Ex4 (2) copy

Watch the videos below and let’s have your say if this latest video from Clarence Peters is another copied concept or just mere Coincidence.

Watch 2Face – Spiritual Healing

Watch The Weeknd – The Knowing

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. It’s obvious that he did. Sucks when people can’t be original, even to the slightest bit.

    The Knowing is an optical masterpiece. – Landau

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