Corruption Is The Reason Insurgency Is Still On- U.S.

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The United States Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security (USSoSCV), Democracy and Human Rights has said that corruption is the reason the fight to end Boko Haram is being ineffective, it has been reported.

A rep of the USSoSCV, Sarah Sewall who was with a Pentagon top Africa official, Amanda Dory revealed during a hearing at the House Foreign Affairs Committee saying that the insurgency in the North would have been much ended if “the Nigerian military had overcome entrenched corruption and incompetence”

Sewall added that the without the eradication of corruption, the military has no power to rescue the abducted girls regardless of the country’s $5.8 billion security budget for 2014.

It would be recalled that on May 13 in Abuja, Sewall who earlier explained the US level of involvement in the rescue mission, when she noted that their personnel would not be combative saying it was left for the Nigeria government to decide either to swap the kidnapped girls for detained terrorists members as offered by Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the deadly sect, when asked about the update on their involvement, said should be given time.

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