Worst Pollution To Hit Britain In Sixty Years

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A warning has been issued in the UK, especially to people in Southern England and Wales, advising them to stay indoors as abnormally-high levels of air pollution smothered London and other cities. Following weeks of heavy pollution that was  to restricted car use and free public transport in Paris and Brussels,  a deadly pollution cloud that could prove fatal for people having serious lung and heart issues covered the UK last night and will sweep over much of the country later today.

Clean air campaigners claimed the Government had tried to bury news of the sudden and shocking decline in air quality but clearly nothing can be hidden anymore.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) of the United Kingdom warns: “The current elevated pollution levels over parts of the UK are caused by light winds allowing the build up of pollution, plus dust from the Sahara contributing to pollution levels. High to Very High air pollution is expected across East Anglia, parts of southeast England and around the Humber.

“Moderate air pollution is expected across the remaining areas in the southeast of England and the East Midlands. Areas of Moderate air pollution are also expected across Scotland and the rest of England.”

Below are photos taken of the fog:



Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport


The fog 1

fog 2


fog 3


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