Which Of These Dresses Would You Wear To Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Funeral?| Inspired By Nicki Minaj & Rita Ora

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No, they were not attending anyone’s funeral as a matter of fact both starlets were attending the MTV Movie Awards. While both dresses are pretty, I find it very underwhelming for both of them.

Nicki is well known for her outrageous outfit choices, and rainbow like make-up while Rita is known for her untypical daily fashion statements.

Personally, I think Rita’s dress would have looked way better in a brighter color and if it was better fitted.

Rita Ora in Barbara Casasola
Rita Ora in Barbara Casasola

It is nice to see Nicki as Onika Maraj not as Nicki Minaj on the red carpet. Apparently, she was aiming for the Egyptian princess sort of look and I think she nailed it.

Nicki Minaj in Alexander Mcqueen
Nicki Minaj in Alexander Mcqueen

Which of these outfits will I wear to my ex-boyfriend’s funeral? Neither, because this sister don’t gat no exes.

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Ladies, which would you wear? Guys, whose outfit do you like better?

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