Toolz O Vs Sasha P: Who Raised More Body Temperatures In Her Fiery Red Dress?

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Hi fashionistas, time to play fashion police. Toolz O and Sasha P two ladies who have proven to be very stylish over time coincidentally wore outfits of the same color. Whose outfit do you prefer?

Toolz O

Toolz  with her Tools!!! The leading lady for the night chose this fitted  three-quarter sleeved dress. I do not know what that material is called but I love it.  Her hair and make-up is beautifully done as well. (I wonder why she did not keep the cropped hair it looked pretty fab on her too.)

I think the metallic belt which accentuates her waist and the contrasting blue nail lacquer were a great way too finish off her look.

ndani tv_Toolz__360nobs

Sasha P

Sasha opted for a fitting wrap dress, light and not so properly done make-up. She kept her jewelry minimal also, she tried not too make the look to mundane by choosing those gorgeous ear-rings-which I think are not appropriate for the outfit- She finished of these look with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

ndani tv_Sasha P (2)__360nobs

It is pretty obvious who I think looks better. Whose outfit do you prefer?

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