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From saying them ourselves to someone we are not ready to be with or don’t want to be with at all, to hearing it being said to us while our hearts shatter to pieces, or hearing it on an episode on TV while we roll our eyes in exasperation, these lines are the worst ever and they deserve never to be used again.

But guess what? They are never going away.

That is because most people who use these lines use it to get away from some sort of emergency situation, or a situation they believe has gotten out of control and in most cases, these lines are never from a genuine honest mind.

Let’s go through them one after the other. I am sure they ring bells.

It is not you, it is me. This has to be the oldest and the most used, yet it is not going out of fashion soon.  You know the beauty of these words? They are supposedly meant to make you feel better about yourself, so you would think the problem is with the person saying it. But guess what? When you hear this from someone or when you say it to someone, it simply means one thing, “It is actually about you… or not… in fact it is about nobody to be honest I just don’t wanna be with you. Period!”


I am not ready for a relationship. I have had this said to me before and I have actually uttered these words to someone before too.

When someone tells you this, it means they are not ready to be in a relationship with you because if they were not ready at all, you both won’t get to the point where you would have the conversation at all.

The person would have told you up front and not lead you into believing they want you or want a relationship with you.

I am too busy right now, I don’t have time for anything serious. Pfft! If you like him or her, you would find the smallest time to be with him or her and have a relationship with them. In fact, you will be eager to get off your busy schedule and be with this person because meeting someone new and who you like does this to you.

So when you are too busy for something serious, it means you are not taking this person seriously.

I need to concentrate on me, because I am trying to find my feet and I am young and…. Blah blah blah

Relationships are the best place to find yourselves, nothing beats that push or drive your partner who cares for you can give you. You can both talk about life, career and your goals while you give each other the much needed push.

So asking for space to concentrate on yourself is just a lame excuse, find another.

Besides, isn’t it said that two heads are better than one?



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