The Questionable Change In Kim Kardashian’s Butt [Photos] 18+

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After being pictured looking more bootylicious than ever as she took part in a rather racy photo-shoot on the beach in Thailand last month, Kim Kardashian is said to be intent on plumping up her derriere even further.  The 33-year-old reality star who raises daughter North, 10 months, with rapper fiancé Kanye West – reportedly feels ‘sexier’ the bigger her behind gets.

Below is an image of her in 2006…


And a month ago on her holiday in Thailand, there was this…

During her holiday in thailand last month

So now my question is, does pregnancy add more ass because if it does, I might as well get pregnant right now. Or was some work done over here? I haven’t said work was done though, just asking.

But why on earth would someone want to get bigger? Well because of my love for Kim Kardashian, I would embark on a Novena for her. She need prayers.

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. She has definitely had work done on her bum. Kim that went to get wrinkles on her hand done at a doctors office. Wrinkles only visible to her oh. She is now claiming she has not augmented her bum and its all natural. Bullshit!!! That is her money maker right there. She has definitely had them done! And not only that she maintains the size regularly with doctor visits. It’s just a shame that this has put pressure on women and young girls of nowadays to get bigger bum/hips. Very sad!

  2. Absolutely horrific that is all!! and the best………..she is on the cover of vOGUE, who will they choose for the May edition…………Kendra W or somebody of that league!!! What a world…………No class. MB

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