The #GEJPose: Have You Done Your GEJ Pose?

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According to a user on Nairaland, GEJPOSE is defined by some as the Pose you do when confused or standing at the corpse of a dead Nigerian.

GEJPOSE can also be defined as a pose which can be interpreted as “pretend you re in a deep & critical thought”

GEJPOSE AKA pretend like you give a F * C K face. 

The GEJ Pose is a psoture named after President Goodluck Jonathan where he holds his chin as if in deep thought. The GEJ Pose first came to the public’s notice after the President visited victims of Nyanya bombing in the hospital. Check the pictures below.

GEJPose4 GEJPose3 GEJPose2 GEJPose1


Responding to the trend, many Nigerian twitter users began mimicking GEJ’s pose. Check out these few below and let us know what you think.

GEJPose12 GEJPose11 GEJPose9 GEJPose8 GEJpose7 GEJPose6 GEJPose5

Even Arsene Wenger get his own sef





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