Style Star: Serah Alabi

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This week’s style star is Serah Alabi. Just like her name Serah’s style is unique. She is a student in fashion journalism, a huge dreamer and she owns a fashion website
360nobs Style loves Serah’s style. Do you?
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Hair and Make-up
I love big hair! My hair is finally long enough for me to pull off the afro confidently. I just moisturize my hair with oils and water in the morning, then comb it out, and style it. It usually doesn’t take more than ten minutes.
My make-up depends on my outfit. I personally think fashion is not only about the garment, I think it is very important for the make-up to match the clothes.
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Where is your favorite place to shop?
I do not really have a favorite place to buy clothes, I buy from any store that comes my way.


Sunglasses-Ebay; Boots-Camden Town; Top-H&M; Collage Jacket-Primark; Stripped Jeans-Adidas Neo Ears beanie-Front row shop
Sunglasses-Ebay; Boots-Camden Town; Top-H&M; Collage Jacket-Primark; Stripped Jeans-Adidas Neo Ears beanie-Front row shop


Sandals-Primark; Trouser-Ebay
Sandals-Primark; Trouser-Ebay


What would you never be caught dead wearing?
White leather boots. Uurrgghh!!!
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Who are your style icons?
I am so obsessed with the 20th Style Icons. I adore Grace Kelly for her classic elegance , Katharine Hepburn for her androgynous look, Audrey Hepburn for her couture like elegance combine with her girlishness, Twiggy for reinventing the androgynous style, Elizabeth Taylor for her femininity style and Isabella Blow for her extravagant outfits

Dress- Inlovewithfashion; Coat-Sheinside; Clutch-H&M;
Dress- Inlovewithfashion; Coat-Sheinside; Clutch-H&M;
What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe right now?
I currently do not have a favorite, but I am totally in love with my rose dress(It was a present.) I can’t wait for summer so I can wear it more often 😀
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Which celebrity would you readily swap closets with?
 Isabella Blow!!! OMG have you seen her closet ? Its sooo amazing. I was in her exhibition last year and was to ally freaking out. She has everything from Alexander McQueen dresses, to  Phillip Treacy hats,  and Rei Kawakubo clothes. I wanted to just leave with all the clothes.
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What do you wear on the average day?
On the average day, I would wear an over-sized jumper, boots, a cap, and no make-up. That is pretty much how I look when I go to Uni/ or on the average day. I like to keep it cozy so I can jump right back into my bed afterwards 😀
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Serah Alabi_12__360nobsSerah Alabi_014__360nobsSerah Alabi_005__360nobs

Your fashion fetish

Right now, I am addicted to the minimalism style! So everything that is clean, simple and stands out.
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Serah Alabi_013__360nobsSerah Alabi_007__360nobsSerah Alabi_008__360nobsserah featured image
360nobs Style applauds Serah Alabi’s style. Her style is edgy and outlandish but still very sexy, and not very many people can pull that off. If you like Serah’s style, you should follow her blog
Which of these outfits is your favorite?
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  1. This is cool.. She looks lovely buh am an avid reader of and I think they do something like this… Its just so familiar to what you guys are doing.

    Anyways! Nice article tho

  2. Every fashion website does stuff like this….even BN….Popularity bar stop begging for readers…
    I love her ripped jeans..what is her name on instagram so we can follow her?

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