Style Star: Glenn Judo

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This week, our style star is Glenn Judo. His style can be described as sartorial, sexy, and bold. He effortlessly recreates looks from the late 19th century-1960’s to be specific- in a very elegant but still modern way.

His wide array of sunglasses, and varying color of blazers make him very hard to miss. 360nobs Style loves Mr Judo’s style, do you?

Glenn Judo_004__360nobs

Glenn Judo_008__360nobs

Your favorite place to shop?

I do not have a specific store I shop at, any boutique or store with high quality items would suit me. Especially brands like Zara, St.Micheal, and Cole Haan

 The item you are addicted to?

Blazers, I can not say for certain which of them.

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Glenn Judo_025__360nobs

Your style icons if any?

I must say Adam Gallagher (Instagram – iamgalla)

 Glenn Judo_023__360nobs

How do you decide on how to ‘barb’ your hair?

The barber does most of the work, I usually just ask him to fade the sides or cut my hair in three different layers.

Which celebrity Nigerian/foreign would you swap closets with?

 Adam Gallagher

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 What you would wear on the average day?

It depends on when I am actually , if I am in school , I would rather just go out with a shirt, blazer, trouser and a tie. But when I’m home I’m more about comfort so a t-shirt and a pair of jeans would do

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Does your female counterpart have to be as stylish as you are?

To be honest, that is the least I am concerned about. It would  basically be a plus.

Do you have a celebrity style crush?

Yes I do, Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora.

What you would never be caught dead wearing?


 Glenn Judo_003__360nobsGlenn Judo_022__360nobs

Your fashion fetish

 Probably anything simply dapper

Style advice for the ladies and the fellas

To the females, keep it mind that simplicity is elegance, too much makes you look tacky. For the fellas, keep it simple, pocket squares are your friends.featured image glenn judo

360nobs Style applauds Mr Judo’s style. We are beyond thrilled that there are men who are still fashion conscious and not just fashion conscious in the Wizkid way, fashion conscious in a grown up man sort of way. We wish you the best, and we hope your style gets better as you age.

Follow him on instagram: @misterjudo_

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  1. To be honest, no doubt he can dress but he dresses coperate, I’ve checked his instagram and I hardly saw casual dressings, he’s so good with the coperate, I envy him tho. 🙂

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