Students Protest ASUP Strike; We No Go Gree!

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Yesterday, students of  Yaba College of Technology and members of Education Right Campaign (ERC) protested the prolonged strike action embarked upon by public polytechnic lecturers. The students took to the streets of Lagos yesterday to register their grievances on the ongoing Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) industrial action, and called on federal government to intervene as a matter of urgency. The protest, which commenced at Yaba and ended at Maryland, is meant to give support to the polytechnic students who have been at home since October 2013.

Disrupting traffic at Yaba, and Onipanu areas of Lagos, the students said they were out to express their grievances over their neglect by the federal government. The ERC deputy coordinator, Lateef Adams said, “We join the students to protest in order to compel federal government to end ASUP strike and reach agreement with the lecturers”.

A protesting student who said;

“They are toying with our future. Since nobody is speaking for us, we have decided to speak for ourselves. We should not be spending more time than we are supposed to spend in school. We want our voices to be heard and something done urgently concerning our plight.”


The students chanted various protest songs and chorused, “We are tired of going to the clubs, watching movies, and sleeping at home.”

Addressing the students, chairman Yaba local council development area, Hon Jide Jimoh charged the federal government to learn from All Progressives Congress (APC) led governments in the south-west on how to embark on massive youth development.

The chairman represented by the secretary to the council, Hon Doyin Rojaye blamed federal government over lack of youth development in the country.

“What we are experiencing now is corruption and insecurity which is not adding value to the development of the country,” he said.

Too Bad.

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  1. ASUP & FG most pay for the wasted BLOOD, my close friend HND1 accountancy died today after yesterday fatal accident,this accident happened becouse of idleness which warranted him to be moving around just pay friends visite to keep himself business and so many others that have died in the same manner. ASUP and FG the painfull dead of these students will locate your entire generations, your childrens will die pre manture just as you people have cause so many families for the seek of mony.

  2. why our leaders ignore polytechnic education and refused the strike to be call off is that none of their children are in the polytechnic, and they have sent their children outside the country and to private universities to study i cant blame them but it is only God will judge them with their good work.

  3. Is quite unfortunate that we are from this part of the world. In which leaders placed priority on trivial issues, and lacked vision to know that the future of any country does not lye on the latest car and House in the world or fighting for one political office, introducing all kind of violence to destroy the poor harmless and voiceless citizens, to achieve their selfish political interest, but by secure and quality Education. Some of us hv lost confidence on our leaders in various level, Please my dear president of ASUP, with due respect to your noble office. U are a Nigerian, and u knw very well, there is no way Nigerian Govt will answer u with such enormous demands, especially now that they are warming up for re-election or new office, God placed u there to be a voice to d voiceless, save us all, call off the strike, let us go back to school because some of us borrowed the school fees, if u delay us more than 2yr in school and the interest accumulate beyond our prowess, some of us might just commit suicide. Please sir, we understand hw u feel, oppression is the worse experience, but u need to understand us too, that grass suffered the pain of two Elephant fight.. Sm of us have a dream of going to a more safer country, but only need OND/HND to do that. Infact we are tired. Govt does nt hv our interest at heart. Can u imagine after paying 47k for OND1 and 55k for HND1, we still go to school without Lecture, if we are luck to hv lecture, they will packed more than 300 student into one room without chair some will stand under the sun to receive lectures yet our leaders will go about to promulgate policy and advertise to the world that, they are giving us quality Education, there is nothing like quality Education in Nigerian except for the privileged ones who fly their Children abroad, pls my dear president of ASUP, help us to acquire this certificate so that we hv smthing to show for the huge amount we have spent. If every student have this opportunity to say their mind, especially my friend who lost the both parent, and had to work 6hr everyday to pay his fees and accommodation, u will be surprise how grief he is. We are tired. 07038087029

  4. you want to know wot i think? this country is doom!!! wike, u re heartless wicked may God judge u seriously. and all our president do is ntn God judge him 2. i rest my case

  5. if what our leaders are doing to us students is good to you God, it is good to us but if it is unfair, father let their children receive it in multiple of thousands. In Jesus name, Amen! Sobing

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