Shocking Pictures Of Dora Akunyili From The National Confab

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Recent photos of former Minister for Information, Dora Akunyili have left many Nigerians in shock and sadness.

Akunyili who was also once DG of drug-regulating body, NAFDAC, looked a far cry from her chubby self as she held the mic at the National Confab.

While reports say she’s just recovering from an illness, it seems to be much more than that.

Check out before and after pictures of Mrs Akunyili below. God be with her.

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  1. Something isn’t right about this; how on earth would one believe this to be mere illness? This is beyond the ordinary. May God have mercy on her.

  2. This is SAD! you shouldn’t have come out, we already know that you have done your BEST for this our great nation. The Almighty God will heal you IJMN. Amen

  3. God will surely heal her and perfect her strength. She did a lot to fight fake drug merchants and save our children and us from their menace. Let’s all say a word of prayer for our indefatigable Dora Akinyuli.

  4. Sad to see our dear Dora down like this. May the good Lord remember her for her good works in this country and spare her for many more years to reap the fruit of her labours IJN Amen!

  5. Gosh! is this prof dora akunyili or a ghost impersonating her? if she is the one then, what has gone wrong? what happened? i hope she has made no mistakes? God knows and sees all perfectly. If He wills, she will be alright soon. But, what a shock!!

    1. How on earth can you attribute someone developing endometrial carcinoma to her making a mistake? Your comment is very odd! The only mistake she made is putting the best interest of her country above her own health. If only she went for regular check ups, her cancer would have been caught early and as she no longer needed to have children, a hysterectomy would have saved her life! Mistake, kor, error ni! People like you never cease to amaze me!

  6. Its so painful to see u like dis. Dora u are one woman dat has really inspired me, u are my mentor, I love u to ur toes. I and mu entire family pray for speedy recovery 4 u. I can’t but shed tears. I love u Dora and u are healed in Jesus name

  7. This is rather shocking, I still can’t believe this, can this be our own ever vibrant and courageous Dora? this is rather sad but I salute your courage and resilience. Almighty Allah will heal u, he will replenish u with good health. As u are now in the public glare, the whole world is praying with u and the prayers shall be answered INSHA ALLAH. your story shall be likened to that of prophet Yakub in the glorious quran, whose entire fortunes were returned after many years of afflictions. u will not die but live. AMEN

    1. It saddened me to see Dr. Akunyili in this frail looking body and to say I am shocked is grossly an understatement. NO God, it cannot be our pearl, a woman of lion heart that is afflicted by this unknown sickness! God Almighty, the creator of the heavens and earth, the knower of the hidden and the evident, may it pleases You to cure this indefatigable woman of any sickness that has afflicted her, (Amen). May it pleases You, our heavenly God, to restore her health and vitality, because she is the only public servant in recent history that the multitude of Nigerians can attest to as a hard-working, honest and incorruptible person (Amen).
      We recalled how she fought the enemies of the people – those vile people of evil and darkness who worships only money to a standstill, during the time, which by Your infinite grace and mercy, she occupied the enviable position of the DG of NAFDAC. And all people of goodwill can attest to how she used her position to help rid the country of fake foods and drugs that could have the caused further damage to the already deteriorated health conditions of the people.
      Our God, Your servant Dora has fulfilled the expectations of the people. She served with honor and she excelled in office. Therefore, we the people that she served judiciously are mostly unhappy seeing her reduced to a ghost of herself and because we know that You, our creator loves your creatures and Will never allow us to suffer, We ask that you remove all form of afflictions that have emaciated her. (Amen)

  8. The good deeds of men live with them, yours will not be an exception… you are healed in jesus name… Salutes… DORA AKUNYILI…

    1. She has done a lot that History cannot but record as true intervention with great impact but My take is that concerning this issue of power and esteem, it’s about time Nigerians began to adopt the policy of “NO!! I have played my role let others fill in gaps”

  9. Ma, I am sad & my heart bleeds to see ur pictures. All I know is that, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Great Healer will heal u. We will cry unto Him to shower His rain of mercy, of healing & deliverance on u. We still need u.

  10. This can’t be true.. Could somebody close to Prof disprove this pix above. This can’t be our amiable, charming and vibrant fake drug fighter and minister of truth (late President correct state of health). Your health shall be restored in multiple folds for your good deeps in saving Nigerians from fake drugs manufacturers. We join faith to seal your headings with the blood of Jesus.

  11. Politics,particularly in Nigeria is a dirty game whoever must swim in that mud must be ready to get soiled else to stay away or aloof is always the surest path to safety.our beloved DORA after been made the minister of information on a platter of gold or by merit seems oblivious of the fact that appointment is different from political contest not even personal doggedness will suffice as far as politics in Nigeria is concerned.As individuals we know ourselves better,if there is anything the matter she should be bold enough to settle her account with GOD cause her decision to go into politics may not be part of God’s agenda for her life it might just be for self glorification which God hates,whatever the case may be i pray for her that God will come to her rescue and that right early in JESUS name.AMEN and AMEN.

  12. Dora.You will not die but you will live in Jesus Name.The Devil is a complete liar and will always be and would be put to shame.
    I and my family are already giving thanks to the Lord for your miraculous deliverance. Arise, Arise for the Glory of the Lord is upon you.It is well with your soul.Amen

  13. Omg!!! Nigerians @ it again.its simple she’s sick.. Can’t we do without attaching everything to one god or devil? Haba.. In my own opinion its not a mystrey sickness… The doctors should av diagnosed her.. It might be cancer. We nigerians need to wake up from dis our ignorance.

  14. God is surely in control! nothing is impossible for Him to do. Only believe and you are healed. Please google Hallelujah diet and do the recovery diet.

  15. I don’t believe this! This is not prof. Dora!
    This is beyond health problems.
    Bad belle people don hit her with cham stones!
    May Almighty Allah restore your health and make u more stronger!

  16. This is rather shocking. I do hope nobody is trying to be funny. Very unfortunate. God who sees in the secret knows better and must surely show his mercy for a woman who risked her life for Nigerians.

  17. With the word of God in psalm 118 vs 17, i say that you will not die, but live to declare the works of almighty God in your life and may the mercy of God sustain your life and put all your enemies to shame in Jesus name i pray! Amen.

  18. God spoke forth His word to heal our diseases. He said by His stripe we are healed. I believe Him because He is not a man that He should lie. That settles it for our sister Dora. She is healed in Jesus name. Amen.

  19. I am very sure my model, Prof Dora will bounce back to her original shape. She will put the devil to shame. she is healed in Jesus Name.

  20. Dora is a super model to both men and women. Everybody that appreciates good things would appreciate the stuff in Dora. Let all Nigerians join hands in prayers for our icon. She deserves to live. She deserves to be in good health because she helped a lot live. Many testimonies cannot be said without mentioning her name. I pray for her and I believe God will heal her.

  21. this is a devil arrow that hv hit Dora but i pray that by the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth receive ur healing in Jesus name AMEN.

  22. I don’t believe this, it’s really shocking. But no matter, just believe today Jesus is God and you will heal in Jesus Name.

  23. Aunty Dora, ur healing is here because God Almighty is your healer. its for a while cos after rain come sun shine. You are healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. You are destined to live and testify the Goodness of God in your life in the land of the living. Amen. It is well with your soul. What you did for this Country Nigeria is speaking for you and I believe that Our God is the All Seeing and All Knowing God. My family is praying for you and Nigerians are all on their knees for your sake.

  24. My God!!! What went wrong? Our own vibrant and energetic Dora. God please heal her because u r the greatest physician. Pls keep Dora safe healthy for us IJN.

  25. Helo Ma, u trusted in God and Jesus and Mary..they will surely rise in ur defence and support of u, now dat sicknes has raised a hand against u ok. Be of strong faith..we are in prayerful solidarity amen.

    1. I know the true God that I serve will return you to your normal state. God of Bishop Oyedepo & Abioye will surelly see you through this cos He is a miracle worker.

  26. U are healed by d power of the holy ghost. Our lady of perpertual help is already interceeding for you. The blood of Jesus gas healed you. Amen

  27. ds is unbelievable! but ntwitstandin, i knw d greater healer is still alive. Akunyili is healed in Jesus Mighty Name!

  28. It is a sorry sight, really touching. This woman that fought suboptimal products in our land and saved many lives today derserves an abundant life and should always swim in good heath. Baba God! you are not an apprentice rather, you are a specialist, specializing in making changes when an where they are needed. Therefore Papa, we pray that you change her ailments to a very sound health in Jeus name. As she once buldozed fake drugs and burn them to aches that your people may live, please Papa, buldoze her sickness from its deep roots in Jesus name.

  29. Our God is a specialist in cases like this. He will arise and fight this battle and win victory for our dear Aunty Dora. His Name will be glorified over her life and she will live, not die, to declare the glory of the Lord on the land of the living. Amen

  30. God has never forsaken His own and I am very optimistic that Dr. Dora will recover from this temporal challenge. You have always been a great leader and role model of righteousness. However, I will suggest to your PA to stop scheduling you on public events until you are back on your feet. Wish you a quick recovery.

  31. its so saddened to see a woman of courage in dis state. this is a wicked world. y must they have to inflict such wicked arrow on her after all she did to save us all from the evil that men did. Dr. Dora….. u r healed and i pray that yuo shall not dis moreover, its not yet ur tym to die, those that r involved will die before u. amen

  32. Madam Dora, I want to assure you and your family that God is not done with you yet. He must prove Himself in this your situation. All your good work will speak for you at the throne of Grace. Just keep faith in Jehovah, he will definitly heal you – In Jesus name – Amen

  33. God will perfect your healing process. May His healing power touch you. You are blessed body soul and spirit. He’s a miracle worker.iJmn

  34. My dear Prof Dora Akunyili, I pray for you that you shall not die but live to continue to declare the goodness and glory of God. I pray for you that whatever arrow from the pit of hell projected against you shall break into pieces and have no effect on you. I pray for you that our father almighty God in Heaven shall have mercy on you and restore your health fully. For the sake of the mercy of God and the millions of lives God used you to save through your fight against fake drugs, you MUST live to the Glory of God. Almighty God, have mercy on your daughter Dora and heal her in Jesus Name I pray. AMEN!!!

  35. Dear Dora, you have done what other people only dream to do in several lifetimes. God is with you and the work you have done has set a standard for others to follow. Live with that in mind and watch as your praise in the midst of this difficulty leads you to health and wholeness. I do not know anyone who can be so celebrated on the political or public landscape of this country as you are.

  36. Isa.8v9,10. May the Almighty God pull you through. In Jesus Mighty Name! Amen. This weapon must not prosper over you.Isa.54:17. Whatever is done in the secret places, be reversed by the Blood of Jesus. Father thank U for rescuing your daughter. Amen!

  37. Its sad to announce to my people here that our amiable elegant and courageous dora akunyili has passed away .May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace ,may u rest in d bosom f God

  38. God said, healing is for my children, Dora u are healed in Jesus name amen. I stand upon the words of God that cannot be broken, & i cancelled every evil saying of the enemies, in agreement wt the words of God, we sent their arrows back to them, & we declare u healed in the name of the father, of the son & of the HolyGhost, ameeeeeen. God will have mercy on u Dora, & u will live to testify, amen.

  39. Ypu are sick not bcos you sin against God no
    This is to show the glory of God again in your
    Life.In the order of Dorcas Acts 9:36-42, the
    Power of God will touch you and you shall rise
    and bounce back in good health and shall the
    sickness no more in the name of our lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  40. My heart is fill with tears, indeed i don’t know to ask or tell wat iam seeing over madam Dora, but i still have one believe that madam Dora will get well and bounce back again. i reject every spirit of death in her life in jesus name, Amen. indeed you are a woman of vibrant,bold mindness, social, truthfulness, God-fearing, and finally a role model to the youth of this country. Today Madam Dora i claim healing for you in they mighty name of jesus. don’t worry, it is already well with you.

  41. Madam Dora I really wish you good health in jesus name, Amen. Nothing will happen to you. and please after all this your trial time, I want you to be close to you creator. you are well in jesus name, Amen.

  42. Aunty Dora, Jehovah Rapha d great healer’ll not let u die but live. He has not forgotten how u tiredlessly fought death in dis nation thru NAFDAC. I and other belivers claim LIFE and SOUND health for u in Jesus name – Grace Dogara.

  43. Dora you will not die,the greatest phisician’ Jesus can never be tied of healing,He has already intervened in your will not die in Jesus name!

  44. Well after all said and done, news has filtered in that Prof. Dora is dead. This is still unconfirmed by reliable sources and media. As a remark on previous comments, I cannot tow the line that Prof. attended the conference simply because of an allowance of 12 million Naira. She could actually get the money from a lot of wealthy Nigerians, that is if her family cannot provide it for her (which is unlikely) Cheers.

  45. may your gentle soul rest in peace you will be highly missed especially by the youth who look up to you as a role model says:

    may your soul rest in peace

  46. Dear Dora,
    There is no doubt in my heart that you are with your maker now. May your gentle and beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen

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  48. she should have stayed back home to nurse her illness, going to the confab must have aggravated whatever that has gone wrong with her, but now that she’s dead I wish her soul rest in peace

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