SEX 201: What You Did Not Know About Orgasms

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COURSE CODE: SEX 201 (because I am not fooling myself into believing you did not/have never learnt anything in previous courses which you took God knows where)

COURSE TITLE: The Beauty of Orgasm (In women please. It takes forever with us that is why there is a beauty in it. Yes I said all that, bite me.)

LECTURER: Of course its me, scroll down to confirm my name if the way this article started doesn’t already tell you who It is. By the way, I will be called Prof Coco for the purpose of this article.

NOTE: Do NOT send me x-rated or ridiculous mails after you read this post, else I will publish them here after I must have put you in your place in the mail box. And yeah, I will also report you as Spam.


TOPIC:                       The G-spot


G-spot is simply believed to stand for Good Spot, a region of female genitalia that contains a large cluster of nerve endings (or the unlimited access to a wealthy man’s bank account, no be me talk am o) but it is in fact named after Ernst Grafenberg, a German gynaecologist who discovered that region and the first letter of his last name became one of the most famous words in the world today.


TOPIC:                       Variety is the spice of life… and sex!

It is easier to climax for women when different sexual acts and positions are incorporated and experimented. For instance, the use of the tongue or fingers while the act is on can take the woman higher and faster than the penis will normally do.


TOPIC:                       The love of the Vagina is important.

And I am talking about the owner of the vagina loving her vagina here. You see, when a woman is not loving her body or her lady business then she is not likely to enjoy the session, talk more of climaxing. When a woman loves her Vee, then a man’s chances of making her reach orgasm sky rockets.

Tip: make her love the Vagina so your work can be easier. Shikena.

TOPIC:                                   Orgasms don’t come when you think they come bros.


Most men believe for some reason that their women orgasm even when they aren’t there. But it is not their fault really; it is because the communication is broken during the act.

While the act is going on, the man should be attentive (because to be honest the woman wont be screaming this) to every single thing and the woman should communicate what she wants the man to do.

That easy and everybody is happy.


TOPIC:                       Orgasm aint limited to intercourse


From massage to riding a horse (yes horseback riding) to dedicating time to the clit, orgasm can happen without your thing entering her thing. Beeni.


TOPIC:           A man’s orgasm can be delayed

And I am not talking too much alomo here. Ladies, I am talking about slowing your man’s ejaculation down to prolong him and make your own orgasm faster. Try applying firm pressure around the base of his penis with your hand.


The End! I hope you enjoyed your class.




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