Self Control~ How To Say No Even When Your Hormones Are Screaming Yes

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It is not easy to overcome sexual pressure especially when you’ve done it before. Guys tend to make you feel guilty and remind of the fact that you’re no longer a virgin and how everybody else is doing it. You should not be forced into doing what you will regret. The “I’m on my period” trick is so old, guys that fall for that anymore. Here are ways to say no to him:


– Replace sexy underwears with old and torn granny ones: wearing old and torn pants will not make us comfortable. It makes us self conscious as nobody wants to be caught wearing ugly underwears especially a guy that like you. Anytime you are sure to visit, make sure you wear the ugliest ones. Trust me, your no will be too fast.


– Hangout in public places: we know when a guy wants to get physical with us. There are signs either by words or by actions, he will always give you a hint that he wants your body. When the signs are glaring and you know you don’t want to have sex with him, don’t go into private, secluded places with him. Go to the cinema, eateries, pool etc. It is easy to say no to his request of going home with him. If he is persisent, sneak out without saying goodbye. A hurt ego will heal faster than regretting what you could have avoided.


– visit him with your really nosey and talkative friends: people that talk a lot have their benefits. They will keep the boy so occupied, he will not even have the chance to sneak you in for a quickie or whatever. Infact, he will be so fast in getting rid of both of you. That way, you didn’t even have to say no, your friend just said it for you.


– have a heart to heart discussion with him: you can’t avoid him for long. At a point, you’ll be alone with him. It is best you sit him down and tell him what you really don’t want and what you want. Give him a reason why you can’t have sex with him. If he doesn’t respect your decision and he tries to find a way to talk you out of it, it is time to say No to that relationship.


If you find it hard to say No to anything, practise by saying no to your friends. Practise makes perfect, so practise the act of saying no, so you can easily turn something you don’t want down.

Alice Temitope Dako

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