Scared of Falling out of Love? Five Things to do to Keep the Flame Burning by @emini_ANOTI

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Relationships are always very rosy at the beginning. You love each other so much, you can barely do without each other but once you are firmly rooted in the relationship. It takes a lot of hardwork to keep the relationship going and fresh. These are some of the things you can do to make sure you don’t fall out of love with your boo:


1. Be adventurous: do something together that you’ve never tried before. Go on a long bike ride, take a field trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Do new things and exploit places together. If you can’t afford to travel to exotic places, try new food, fruits or drinks. Doing new stuff and learning new things makes your bond stronger.


2. Look like it’s your first time together:  it is cool to be comfortable with one another. You can go without your makeup and afford to have your hair scattered; it’s great to do all of that without being self conscious but whenever he wants to take you out on a date or you want to visit him at home, take your time to dress well, look sexy. Let him remember how hot you are and what he fell in love with.


3. Talk about your silly childhood secrets: remember all those stuff you did when you were young that still make you laugh when you remember them? Yes, share them with him so you can both have a good laugh. Nothing bonds people together like laughter can. So stop being so serious and let down your hair; joke and laugh together.


4. Share “male” moments together: it’s not bad if you sit with him through the football game or learn how to play video games with him. Men love these things and when they see their women learning how to love those things too, it really mean a lot to them. While watching sport and playing games with him, you can even in throw in a bet on who will win. Healthy competition as such bring about a strong bond.


5. Do romantic stuff together: apart from phone calls and text messages, you can write him a love letter/note, sing for him if you can. Get a movie and watch them together, read books together, surprise him with gifts no matter how little they are. These little things make you grow fond of each other.


What are your own fun ways of rekindling a dying flame? Please share.

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