Romanian Man looses Half Of His Skull In A Construction Accident And Still Lives

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A Romanian man has been walking around with half-a-head for the past year after his skull was crushed in a work accident. Construction worker Elvis Romeo Lingurar, 24 was working on a demolition site when he lost his balance and fell off scaffolding, smashing his head on the concrete below. The impact of the six foot fall shattered Elvis’ skull on his left side, and doctors were forced to remove the bone in order to save his life.



Mr Lingurar, from Livada, north-west Romania spent several days in a coma where doctors battled to save his life. However, in the daze following the coma, he did not realise the extent of his injuries until he removed the bandages upon leaving the hospital a fortnight later. Without the left-hand side of his skull, Mr Lingurar’s brain is protected by only a thin layer of skin, leaving him unable to work as the slightest knock to his head could prove fatal. Mr Lingurar could undergo surgery to have the missing part of his skull replaced with a prosthetic, but he is unable to afford the £900 procedure.

3Great danger: The slightest bump to his head could cause debilitating brain injuries as there is no skull to protect it.  Mr Lingurar has spent more than a year without half his skull as he cannot afford to pay the £900 operation to replace it with a prosthetic Journalist Alex Prunean, 25, filmed an interview with Mr Lingurar in a bid to highlight his plight. He said: ‘The accident happened a year ago and left Elvis in an extremely serious condition, he spent several days in a coma at the Clinic of Neurosurgery in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

‘His skull was seriously broken, his head bruised and he had to undergo surgery after he formed a blood clot on the brain, but miraculously, he recovered. If doctors hadn’t removed half of his skull, he would have died. The piece of skull that is missing can be replaced with a prosthetic, but the man is poor and cannot afford this. Elvis called and asked for my help as he hopes if people hear his story they may be able to help.’


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