Report: Boko Haram Kidnapped The 230 School Girls As Wives For Its Insurgents

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A member of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Tahir Monguno, has reportedly said the over 230 abducted school girls taken from the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State were taken as wives for Boko Haram insurgents.

The report read,

Mohammed Tahir Monguno who represent Chibok in the House of Representatives said the abducted girls are being forcefully married in an area called Jiri, Mafa Local Government of Borno State.

He said he learnt from members of his constituents from the Chibok Local Government area that no sooner the girls were abducted, they were forced into marriages with insurgents.

He told VOA, ‘Villagers saw them and the whole world knew that the very day they were abducted, some of them were married out in one area called Jiri, Mafa Local government area.

“It was there that some of them were married before they moved with the rest. It is about 30 kilometres from there to Maiduguri on a tarred road. Everybody knows this. The security people know too. It is not that people are not cooperating, they are giving information and nothing is done.”

‘These girls were abducted in Chibok, but yesterday, my constituents called and said that they saw them in one area called Shuwaram. From Chibok to my constituency is about 200 kilometres. How can they be carrying the girls for about 200 kilometres without security detection? That is why we are saying that if government wants to succeed, it must stand up and it is not about deploying military alone, but giving them motivation.”



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