Relationships and Making Demands: Two Sides to a Coin

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I’ve been reading too much about girls that demand too much and then get their asses dumped by guys. On third date, fourth date, the girl is asking for recharge cards, money to make her hair and all those stuff and the guy starts feeling the girl is a greedy one. Sharperly, they delete the girl off their contact lists.

I don’t find this good too that some girls decide to make men their money bags but then are men not being hypocritic too? No? Most of these so called bobos are the ones that ask a lot from a woman. The girl must be sexy, complete with figure 8, massively endowed, beautiful, great conversationist, classy, must know how to dress well, must speak good english, must be super friendly and let me not forget the great sex they want from the girl just after days. These boys want the total package and yet they call the girls greedy. She’s not even asking you to be hot or all those physical stuff and you are grumbling because she asked you to buy something for her? I don’t understand why you are then quick to call these people greedy when your standards scream “selfish and greedy”. If you want babe with all the “correctness”, start spending too o. They give you what you want and you give them what they want, lobatan.


But seriously girls, if you dey do beggi beggi up and down from boys, just stop it. Later now, if they are slapping your teeth out of your mouth, you will say all men are dogs. You too sit down and get something doing with your life. Save and buy whatever you need, ehn? You don’t want to be 39 and still searching just because every man you meet must buy you the latest gadgets and your 3square meal, every day. Chill sef, some dads don’t even feed their kids, why stress these men like that? Be a woman that your man will be proud of, not a woman he is scared to show around before you will go and beg from his friends. Be yourself and learn to be at least 95% independent.


And as for guys that beg from girls, I really am ashamed of you lot. What happened to men being the head? You gave your own “head” potentials to the nurse that helped birth you? It is annoying when I see a boy in a man’s body making silly demands from girls. It is even worse than what these babes do. It is very degrading and I don’t know what woman will take you serious except as their toy thing. If you are not a sugar mummy and you give all your hard earned cash to a guy that never gives you a thing, you are just the mumu of the century. Maybe you should sit and watch all these nollywood movies; so many lessons for you there. Your money won’t keep the dude. You will keep on buying his love till he finds a rich mama to handle his bills and you will be left broken and broke; terrible combo.


In all, make sensible demands. If you are not happy making sacrifices for your boo, then cut that thing off. Give when you are supposed to give and ask with your sense intact. For crying out loud, don’t be stingy and don’t be a leech that will only suck people dry. Be careful of leeches that will suck you dry too. Just like bible warned, wisdom is profitable to direct.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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