Ramsey Nouah is TEMPTING FATE in This New Movie Trailer

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Ramsey Nouah has been taking it a bit easy these past few years by not appearing in many movies unlike many of his Nollywood counterparts who churn out movies every other month. The actor has finally got a new film scheduled for release some time this year and that is the suspense filled action movie titled Tempting Fate which was written and directed by Kevin Nwankwor.

After a futile search for some new information on Izu Ojukwu’s Lion of 76 which also stars Ramsey Nouah, i came across the trailer for this movie was released some weeks ago and i can only hope this movie turns out as good as it looks in this trailer.

Check out the synopsis (which looks like something from Wikipedia) and trailer of the movie which also stars Andrew Onochie, Dan Davies, Tiffany Denise Turner,  John j. Vogel and Kimberly Kral below.

Tempting Fate is the story of two very different brothers. First there is Edu Okoye, a talented singer and a man of deep faith, Edu’s spirituality is helping him combat cancer, that and the love of his wonderful girlfriend Tracey. Edu’s older brother Ugo, is almost the polar opposite of Edu. Edu is calm, reflective and peaceful whereas Ugo is hotheaded, impulsive and at times menacing. Ugo has also chosen a very different path than Edu, a life of robbery and crime and though Ugo knows he is on a path of destruction, the life he has chosen is not an easy one to leave and according to his gang leader Scorpion, a life he won’t be allowed to leave easily. Another issue is Edu’s cancer is worsening and Ugo needs to stay in his life of crime to pay for surgery his brother desperately needs. A violent crime leads to Ugo stashing a large amount of cocaine at the house he shares with Edu. He plans on selling this to cover the surgery Edu needs but what Ugo doesn’t realize is he has been monitored by the police. As they break down the door, they apprehend the totally shocked Edu just as Ugo escapes. Caught ‘red-handed’, Edu takes the blame for his brother, partially because he doesn’t believe his brother is capable of such a crime and partially because he loves his brother too much to ‘rat’ on him. For his silence he is given three years in prison. Shortly into his sentence Tracey simply disappears. Edu is released, feeling empty but determined to get his life back on track. Ugo however continues to embark in a life of crime and it only becomes a matter of time before their two worlds smash together.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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  1. Ever since I came to this world Ramsey has been my role model so the way I have love for this man is beyond my control.

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