Queen of England Visits The Pope, Bearing Gifts

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Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday taking a basket of honey, whiskey and other goodies from the royal estate. The pope returned the courteousness with a gift for Prince George, Elizabeth’s great-grandson.

He gifted the queen a stone orb topped with a sharp cross, saying it’s for “el ninetto” — a kind word for little child. The queen responded by saying, “George will be thrilled by that — when he’s a little older.”

The meeting lasted less than 20 minutes and Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip was present. There was also an interpreter with them.

Prior to their meeting the queen and her husband were being hosted by Giorgio Napolitano, Italy’s president, at the presidential Quirinal palace.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Elizabeth told Pope Francis when they finally got to the Vatican twenty minutes late. “We were having a very pleasant lunch with the president.”

There was no immediate word on what was discussed in the meeting with the pope. Elizabeth told him that the jar of honey in the picnic hamper “is from my garden” at Buckingham Palace. “I hope that is unusual for you.”

Among other gifts were a dozen eggs and a bottle of cider.

Lol. Queen of Great Britain or not, by her gifts you’ll know she is just an old granny.

Queen on arrival
Queen on arrival


Queen Elizabeth II



Queen with Pius XII in 1961
Queen with Pius XII in 1961
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  1. The usual American error ! There hasn’t been a Queen of England for 500 years. Elizabeth II is the Queen of the UK.

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