Première of Chimamanda Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun: The Movie In London(Photos)

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The highly anticipated movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ premiered at Odeon Cinema in Stretham Hill, London on Tuesday 8th April 2014.

The major stars of the movie all dazzled on the red carpet as fans and paparazzi camera lights were flashing.

In attendance was the ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ author Chimamanda Adichie,  the director Biyi Bandele, alongside the stars of the movie adaptation,  Chiwetel Ejiofor,  Thandie Newton and John Boyega.

Celebrities from the UK’s African Caribbean entertainment scene were out in full effect to show support for the Biafran civil war based movie.

The film that will also be premièring in Nigeria after its press screening on the 11th of April 2014 although available in UK cinemas only from the 11th of April 2014.

Be sure to go out and support this brilliant movie that was all shot in Calabar, Nigeria. Here are some the pictures from the premiere below.

Half of a yellow sun-5_360nobs
Biyi Bandele – The Director
Half of a yellow sun-11_360nobs
John Boyega
Half of a yellow sun-19_360nobs
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Half of a yellow sun-31_360nobs
Thandie Newton
Half of a yellow sun-34_360nobs
Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton
Half of a yellow sun-43_360nobs
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Half of a yellow sun-46_360nobs
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The Writer
Half of a yellow sun-60_360nobs
Sinem Silem-Onabanjo
Half of a yellow sun-51_360nobs
Joseph Mwale
Half of a yellow sun-41_360nobs
Theodora Ibekwe_Oyebade

Half of a yellow sun-15_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-16_360nobsHalf of a yellow sun-22_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-23_360nobsHalf of a yellow sun-27_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-28_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-35_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-36_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-37_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-38_360nobsHalf of a yellow sun-40_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-49_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-52_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-53_360nobsHalf of a yellow sun-56_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-57_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-61_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-62_360nobs Half of a yellow sun-63_360nobs

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