#PrayForNigeria: Boko Haram Strike Again, Bomb Blast In Nyanya Park, Abuja [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

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Over 50 people have been confirmed dead in the latest attack by insurgent group Boko Haram in Abuja this morning.

The bomb, which was a car bomb, exploded at the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company Limited garage under the bridge at Nyanya.

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  1. Simple Fact ! Let us be clear and factual, Nigeria is sorrounded by very poor neighbours who are seeing free money being shared every month in the name of

    The error has attracted desperados who were mistakenly hired with free allocation money by Nigerian Politicians.

    To stop this manace, Allocation should be stopped for Local governments to statrt with. Be wise.

  2. I wonder why everything that has to do with Nigeria is always creepy. What we are experiencing here in Nigeria is a local terrorism. The government should put more men into the Nigeria Army. In other places of the world, people are free to join the army in times of chaos like things. It is not just the job of the Government alone. If we so put our hope on people, they will fail us. If the government can, let’s have the origin of the BOKO HARAM traced back to the 2009 it started to this point in time. Someone initiated it, if I must say, it is no more a religious thing, but some sects of lunatics. The National Assembly should make laws restricting the level of this people. If laws could be passed on time to stop or reduce the rate of kidnapping and it reduced, what about something that started since 2009? It is very clear now that anybody could be touched. What is the hope of the citizenry? In spite of this, people are still hoping to partake in elections into offices. Look GEJ, if you cannot play your part on the issue of Boko Haram, let the foreign hand come in. It is taking too long. Lives that we can’t make are wasting everyday.

  3. What do I think? What can anyone think? Are we killing in the name of God? Why this blood shed? I can say with all conviction that government is not doing enough! We do not have enough man power to police the country. We have too many unemployed youths, too many illiterates, fueled by a near collapse primary and secondary system. Too many crises: Boko haram, fulani raids, armed robbery, etc. This is why state and local govt police may be necessary.

  4. This senseless killings and destruction of properties by Boko Haram calls for serious solutions like letting all Nigerians carry arms for self defence in localities where boko haram reigns.

    This is just act of wickedness by those who are destined to go to hell fire.

    We should begin to chase away all this aliens begging on our streets.

    Allah will visit this cowards and murders with death.

  5. We can’t wait to assume the status of hope-driven Nigerians. Let us HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE in this hell of hopeless hopelessness. Look at the sky and see a smile; the invincible smile of the INVINCIBLE !!!

  6. I live in Abuja. I board vehicle from Nyanya park to my office daily. I was at that park on Sunday afternoon after church service. I was cold at this hate for life. I could as well be a casualty.

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