Explicit Pictures Of Big Brother Mzansi Housemates Having Sex in the Shower (18+)

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Lexi and Mandla, known as Mandlexi are the hottest couple in the on-going Big Brother Mzansi in South Africa.

Twitter blew up on 13th March, Thursday night when the duo “got it on” in the shower.

This wasn’t the first time that Lexi and Mandla had done the bad deed; the real issue why people were upset on Twitter over the latest encounter was about the fact that the two did not use condoms, which is quite unfortunate and annoyingly ironic because one of the show’s sponsors is the condom brand Lovers Plus and they have condoms placed around the house.

The first sex happened the previous Saturday when the couple shagged on national television during the “Shower Hour” and Mandla asked Big Brother for morning-after pills. Pictures of the act flooded the net.

The couple’s two-week courtship at that point, started off with a sensual massage and moved on to late-night talks and showers.

Let it be known that outside the Big Brother house Mandla has a girlfriend who warned him not to do anything “stupid” in a video message she sent to him.

Below are some of the tweets on Twitter and the controversial pictures:

Venda man (@Vusani_) tweeted: “Big brother mzansi is just porn.”

Sifiso Ndlovu @crazy_charles wrote: “When did big brother mzansi become a porn movie tjo #lexi and mandla no no control ur hormones this is public television for peeps sake!”

Miss Vee @VeeDzingwe said: “so people perform unprotected sex on big brother mzansi, ohk. (sic)” and Noxolo Nkabinde @LadyNoxx adding: If u gna do the do on live TV everyday, ATLEAST use protection. #BBMzansi #ShowerHour (sic).”

Katleho Motloung™® @jazzynova85 countered: “Some of y’all are acting all hollier than thou on Mandla nd Lexi’s expense, knowing very well that you’ve done it all. #BBMzansi


no panties
The teasing phase


mandla lexi shower hour
Before the act

 mandlex showerhour



sex shower 2











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  1. the damage is done and we cant reverse it and they had fun , the wrong part here is known , so , you rip what you saw.Truelly, they have been very irresponsible and we still need to play a big role in promoting the protected sex to the society,the number of HIV infected people in SA grows everyday,we all know about that, so, such an incident shouldnt be happening on the show like Big Brother because 1/3 of the SA nation watches it.

    1. 1/3 of SA watches bba? Dat means Yu guys are jobless sorry to say dat bt ts d fact…..yu should restructure ur statement coz not 1/50 pple does dat….. do you know Ao many pple dat live in SA?

  2. guys u knw booze high hormones between 2 ppl who r having a last it is sumthng no1 cn stop,de only thng
    we need to do is to remind ppl to use protection in order to b safe, nt only for pregnancy bt for HIV nd AIDS aswell.

  3. That was very irresponsible of mandla and lexi having unprotected sex as for that matter thei relationship won’t last due to the fact that it is based on such sexual interest and fling.

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