Photos From The Set Of Uche Jumbo’s New Movie, ‘Oge’s Sister’

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Movie fans are set for another blockbuster movie from Uche Jombo-Rodriguez after her last movie, ‘The Proposal.’ Uche is presently in the studios for the new movie Oge’s Sister, a story of two sisters, Oge and Esther who lose their mother unexpectedly and sought to redefine their lives with a secret threatening their family bond.

Their lives became a contrasting scene as everything threatens to draw them further apart … until a hospital emergency and a car crash brings them back together. Esther would do anything to enjoy her life as a single girl, Oge on the other hand would do anything to keep her marriage… and so they make a pact to keep their secrets forever within them.

But as the saying goes ‘nothing is hidden under the sun’.

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