Oscar Pistorious Allegedly Took Acting Lessons Before He Faced The Court

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Remember Pistorius cried during his testimony when he was revealing how he killed his girlfriend? Remember how ‘touching’ it was and how people in the courtroom cried with him?

Oh well, a new report has revealed that he might have been coached by an expert on what to do.

Jani Allan, the South African Sunday Times columnist, recently revealed:

“I have it from a reliable source you are taking acting lessons for your days in court.”

She later told the London Sunday People:

“I have this information from an extremely reliable source. I have it on very good authority that Oscar is being coached on his court performance by a close actor friend, who is also famous in South Africa.”

At the present, the case is in a two week recess, but after this news blows open, the world will be watching Pistorius a little more than he would love them to.

However, let it noted that everyone gets some kind of coaching before taking the stand. It’s not a new thing. But it makes you wonder if the tears the Olympian shed were for real.


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