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A combination of beauty and a good heart are part of the qualities that makes up the amazing Baruwa Yewande, who emerged winner of the Miss Charismatic Nigeria in the year 2013. Her personality can’t go unnoticed just as her smashing looks and you will agree that the young Beau has got it!

The charming Yewande Baruwa who is running a BSC in Public Administration and also has a ND in Local Government Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University has revealed that she has the compelling attractiveness that can inspire devotion in others, no wonder she wears the crown. As the winner of Miss Charismatic Nigeria, she is executing her pet project called ‘Back to School Program‘. The platform was a necessary tool used to reach out to the children advising them about the importance of education, the need to keep their dreams alive and to never give up. In order to assist the less privileged Children school bags and other gifts items were handed out to support them towards the school resumption . Miss Charismatic Nigeria (Yewande Baruwa) also recently visited So-Said Charity Home for Vulnerable people in Ajegunle to shower them love and care, with a special charm that causes people to feel attracted, excited and loved by her she planted a heart smile on each faces which will not be forgotten in a long while.

In doing this, it is clear that the initiative of the Miss Charismatic Nigeria contest is aimed at promoting the total welfare of the youths and also to help inspire those who cannot break hard blocks easily, yet intend to carve a niche for themselves in the society, those who have a craving to make influential effects on the people looking up to them as role models and to remind them that the dream is valid. Yewande Baruwa has made it clear that she is on that path to inspire and also help those in need actualise their dreams. It seems like a long walk, but with her on the team, lives will be touched drastically.

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