Not Again! Dencia Blasts Lupita Over Lancome Endorsement Deal

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On Friday, Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o signed an endorsement deal with Lancome, a French luxury perfume and cosmetics house and ever since then she’s been on the news.


Today, Popular DJ, Media & Entertainment Consultant, DJ Abass posted the picture above on his instagram page saying;

“I’m not a fan of skin bleaching but neither am I of double standards. International media (BBC, ITV, CH4uk, etc) have been critical of #Dencia’s skin lightening cream, especially in the wake of the controversy b/w Dencia&Lupita. Now Lupita has just been signed as the first black ambassador of French cosmetics giant #Lancome, a company that also manufactures skin whitening creams….and I don’t hear any media house raising hell. Maybe I’m the one confused but does anyone catch my drift?”

Cameroonian starlet, Dencia reposted the same picture saying;

“Lol people hate what they don’t have & will jump on it if they had the opportunity.I said before she couldn’t call them big brands owned by whites cuz she wanted a deal. I like how she played herself tho!!still gonna answer yes ma’am & I’m still a CEO & entrepreneur & Lancôme will never pay her what I make in a month, b4 u come say I am hating I ain’t lol I am milking it��)

I’m sure I’m not the only one that really wants to know how much Dencia makes in a month. These two women are definitely not leaving the news any time soon. Let’s seat back, relax and wait for Lupita’s reply.

Sylvia Eneghalu

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