Na Who Get Money Pass? Magic Johnson, Floyd Mayweather Jr. & P. Diddy Show Interest In Buying The Los Angeles Clippers

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Ever since NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for his racist remarks for life and moved to make him sell the franchise, a number of suitors have shown interest in buying the Clippers.

Former LA Lakers guard Magic Johnson, who was directly mentioned in the Sterling tape, has been reported to have shown interest in purchasing the Clippers.

Johnson teamed up with Guggenheim Partners to purchase the LA Dodgers, and may be looking to partner again. Johnson already has Silver’s blessings, as the commish said Magic was “welcome as an owner in the league” in his Tuesday press conference.

The most-paid athlete in the world, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., has also expressed interest in purchasing the team.

Mayweather made this known at the MGM Grand during a fight promotion, saying he was going to call a couple of “billionaire friends”, if they could put something together.

“Actually, I called Al today about that, to see if me, Leonard [Ellerbe], Richard [Schaefer], Al and a couple of my billionaire guys could come together and see what we could come up with,” said Mayweather, a devoted bettor on NBA games. “Let’s see if we can do it, and it’s not just talk. I wouldn’t mind. Once I get ownership in the Clippers, I could no longer bet. I’d have to stop that completely.

“You know with me, I can’t come in here and talk about, ‘Mayweather’s only going to get three percent, four percent.’ I’ve got to get a solid percentage. Do we want to buy the Clippers? Yes, we do. We’re very, very interested in buying the Clippers.”

Rapper Diddy is also on the queue to purchase the team, who beat the Warriors on Tuesday to game a 3-2 edge in their first round series match up.

Diddy made his intentions known via an Instagram post, saying “I will always be a Knicks fan, but I am a business man. #DiddyBuyTheClippers #NameYourPrice”

Who would you like to see as owner of the LA Clippers?



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