More Weird News: A Rat is Identified as a Suspect in a Crime

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Obviously, this shouldn’t be news to us in Nigeria as we all know what rats can do. But police in Wichita, Kansas, USA held a press conference, releasing a sketch of whom they were suspecting was responsible of tampering with their property in the department building. They have determined that a rat has chewed into packages of marijuana. It was uncertain whether it seems the rat just wanted to get high all on its own or it was acting with an accomplice.

Lt. Doug Nolte stated that the police followed protocol by photographing, weighing, and resealing the evidence. Exterminators were called in to assist police in the case.

“We do have a sketch artist that came and did a rendering of who we think is responsible for the marijuana heist. So we are currently looking for something that resembles a mouse like this,” Lt. Doug Nolte said.





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