More on Big Brother Mzansi SexTape: Mandla Caught Between Three Chicks

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More on Big Brother Mzansi SexTape: A Winner, His Girlfriend, His Sidechick, and His Baby Mama

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The recently concluded Big Brother Mzansi in South Africa surely left the whole of Africa talking but it seems we’re just playing catch-up here. Take a seat, sit down. The story is worth your time. Anyways, trust us to always give you an update.

Now, it will amaze you to know that the winner of the game was none other than Mandla himself. Yep! This goes to show that you can have it all – the sexy girl, your own sex tape, your family jewels displayed in full view of the birds, all the girls wanting ‘it’ and yes, one million rand. In Nigerian money, my brothers and sisters, that is… let me calculate…


That is fifteen million cool ones. I don’t even want to start thinking what that could do to my life.

But the gist is not over. Now, get this: Mandla and Lexi might still be an item and this is why.

The Big Brother Mzansi bad boy says he would like to get back to his girl, but still has unfinished business with his sidechick Brumilda “Lexi” van Niekerk.

“I’m still very busy with back-to-back interviews right now. Once I’m settled, I have spoken to both Lexi and S’thandwa (his girlfriend, Kobile’s nickname) that we should speak about our issues. S’thandwa and I were already dealing with issues of cheating on her side before I went into the house. Just as much as I need to apologise to her, she also needs to account for that before we can get back together.”

In another interview, he talked about why he and Lexi didn’t use condoms.

“I will not put any ‘buts’ and qualify what we did. We should have known better, we had femidoms and condoms, but we got carried away.

“We were irresponsible in how we did it, considering the prevalence of HIV/Aids in South Africa. It was not planned. We showered together 100 times before, but that night we got taken. It was the heat of the moment.

“We had sex before and we were cautious enough to play safe.

And then talking about the size of his manhood… “I believe that I was given enough for me. I am a size 10 [shoes]. My feet would look strange on a shorter man. Whatever I have is in proportion to my body.”

Now, on the issue of his girlfriend, Kobile, her neighbors have intimated that she was having an affair with someone else while Mandla was still in the house.

However, the guy she was allegedly seeing, Sedio denied that he had anything to do with Kobile, stating that they used to be lovers in the past, but “have not been together since the end of last year or early this year”. Speaking to Sunday World, a South African online newspaper, Sedio refused to tender more details, adding that he didn’t want to jeopardize his current relationship.

What a twist! What do we call this because the thing don pass love triangle?

When asked, Kobile herself, denied any on-going romantic entanglement with Sedio.

Mandla stated that having sex on the show with Lexi was not a strategy because he and Kobile had been on and off since August last year. Which could mean that he has some feelings for his hawt ‘shower lover’

But following her eviction from the house a week before the finale, twenty-five year old Lexi told Sunday World that even though she had fun with Mandla and felt like she had left a part of her in the house, she “loves and respects him as a friend, and nothing more”.

Still Mandla who is just twenty-four years old feels differently. “I’m not surprised that Lexi says there’s nothing to our relationship, but she knows that we have a bond she can’t deny.

“I need to see her once more outside of the house to hear what she says and see if there’s anything worth salvaging,”

Awww… how sweet.

While the final episode was running on air, Kobile, who is just twenty-two years old posted on her Facebook: “Sorry guys decision ke ya Mandla whether he continues with our relationship or going back 2 his baby mama or Lexi.”

Wow! Dude be using his tool really well.

Kobile also told Sunday World that she was waiting for him to come back from his Big Brother engagements so that they can iron out their problems.

“I now understand that Mandla was probably acting or playing the game and I’m willing to forgive him and see where we can take our relationship. I still love him and I would still love him even if he didn’t win the million,” she stated.

She added that if they did get back together , they would “obviously do HIV testing because Mandla was having unprotected sex with that girl”.

But wait… the drama has not ended…

Lexi has told Sunday World that she had plans to move from Cape Town to start a career in the entertainment industry. And hear Kobile’s reply: “If Mandla is okay with it, then I’m okay. Mandla ke motho waka (is my man). Nothing will change that.”

*huge sigh* is it only me that thinks that this Kobile girl is after the money? Well, I’ll never know but one thing’s for sure. There’s going to be more drama and we’ll keep you updated.

Now, why do I have this feeling that sex tapes are going become viral in Nigeria soon, judging by the way people are desperate to be stars? You know how it is here nau; we just want to overdo things. Anyway sha, you can always find 360nobs here, in our office, ready to dish out the juiciest breaking news on any tape that pops up on the web. And maybe… just maybe we’ll give you tips on…

Never mind.

So uhm… check out some other photos of  erm… Mandla, his thing and his girl, Lexi.


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