Miley Cyrus Hooked Up With Justin Bieber’s Father, Jeremy?

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Miley ‘Twerking’ Cyrus has done some pretty surprising things but it did shock her fans to hear the news of her hook up with Jeremy, Justin Bieber’s father. Since her break up with Liam Hemsworth, Miley apparently developed a taste for older man.Recent reports suggest that the Adore You singer had a bit of a thing with 38year old jeremy in a hotel room.

Supposedly, a few weeks ago, Justin and his father Jeremy rented a hotel suite in Los Angeles, and Miley was also there partying. She and Jeremy ended up in a bedroom alone for over an hour and something surely happened between the two of them, according to Sugarscape. It wouldn’t be so surprising if Miley and Justin did the hooking up since we hear that he won’t be moving in with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez but the idea of Miley and Justin’s father isn’t so pleasant to imagine. since she had hooked up with Justin before, people now wonder if she has any standards at all. Its quite unimaginable to think there would be a chance for her to be Justin’s step mum.


It is true that hooking up with Miley Cyrus might be the worst thing that Justin Bieber’s father was accused of, but it is far from being the first reported horrible behavior connected with Jeremy. Last time Justin’s father appeared in the news, he was accused of kicking a woman into her face, breaking her jaw in two places. Some people went even further with accusations, blaming Jeremy Bieber for the downfall of his son, since it seems like Justin’s troubles began right around the time he started spending more time with his father and less time with Scooter Braun, his manager. According to Sugarscape source, Justin would not mind his father dating Miley and would be all for it, since he has been helping Jeremy get girls for years.

Since she broke up with Liam, Miley Cyrus has been very busy with her career. The singer has been on her U.S. Bangerz tour since February, visiting places including Washington DC, Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan. Last week, Miley was hospitalized after a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic and several reports suggested that Liam Hemsworth, her ex fiancé, reached out to the singer in the hospital, as he still cares about her. A source told The Hollywood Gossip that Liam was extremely worried when he heard that Miley was in the hospital. Even though they did not work out as a couple, Hemsworth still wants to know that Cyrus is okay. In the meantime, Miley has been released from the hospital and is feeling much better as she posted pictures of herself on instagram eating pancakes and reclining in bed. The pop star will now continue with her plans to bring the Bangerz tour to Europe and to complete the U.S. tour, which she had to postpone due to her hospitalization.

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Nonetheless, the news is shocking.

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