Man Who Exposed Delta State fraud Handed Over To Delta State Government by Lagos Police #FreeAmbrose

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According to a report by Sahara Reporters, Ambrose Ezewani, an ex student of the University of Lagos and former President of the National Association of Delta State students, UNILAG chapter, who blew the lid on a systematic student bursary racketing allegedly spearheaded by the Commissioner for Higher Education in Delta state, Mr Hope Eghagha has been handed over to the Delta state Government.

Ezeanwani was President of the National Association of Delta State Students Union at the University of Lagos. During his tenure, he revealed that the bursary system was fraught with fraud, which he said was being perpetrated by men in the scholarship board in Delta State.

Ezeawani alleged that the irregularities surfaced since the current Commissioner for Higher Education in the State, Mr. Hope Eghagha came on board. Mr. Eghagha a former professor at the University of lagos was a former newspaper columnist and critic of the Delta state government before bagging a government appointment a few years ago.

Ezeawani claims that  Eghagha’s office had created a system for students bursary application where non-existing students are awarded bursary by the state.

He said in his investigation, which the UNILAG students’ records office corroborated, the names published as “approved” for bursary awards every year where non-existent in the Institution’s official records.

Ezeawani further stated that his research  discovered that the office of the Commissioner for Higher Education in Delta State led by Eghagha had generated about 23,000 fake students and bank accounts and sorts codes throughout institutions across the country to siphon bursary funds while publishing fake names of beneficiaries in the print media every year.

Although few genuine names of students are mixed in the published bursary approval list every year, it is observed that most of the genuine students are shut out of the scheme while non-existing names are paraded.

Ambrose had led series of protest marches calling for investigations into the  scam, however,  the Economic and financial crimes Commission EFCC) to whom he directed his protests did nothing to investigate the fraud.

Last Wednesday on his way to Federal college of education (Technical)  Akoka   some men in mufti pulled up in front of him and attempted forcing him into their car. Ezeawani said he resisted and headed for the police station in Sabo instead. The men followed him and asked the police to hand him over but the police refused. The men apparently sent by the Delta state government then asked that Ezeawani be detained for them to go and prepare documents from Asaba to facilitate his hand over.
He has now been handed over today to policemen from Asaba who are suspected to be doing the bidding of the Delta State officials.

Ambrose had before now done an underground investigation over bursary allocations to indigines of the state nationwide and discovered that the Commissioner’s office had over the years produced  about 23,000 fake students and bank accounts and sorts codes throughout institutions across the country to siphon bursary funds while publishing fake names of beneficiaries in the print media every year. In UNILAG, the student record office collaborated Ambrose’s claim that most of the Delta state students published for bursary allocations were non-existent to the school.
Ambrose wrote several petitions to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission but none of his petitions was attended to.
Last Wednesday, April 23, while on his way to the Federal College of Technology Akoka, Ambrose was accosted by plain clothed men who demanded he entered their vehicle and follow them which he refused since he did not know who they were. He then decided to walk to the nearest police station within the area there which was the Sabo Police station with those men tailing him. On getting to the police station, he told the police men there what happened and the police men refused to let him go saying whoever wanted him arrested should come with a warrant of arrest and so they kept him in their custody with the men pleading that they do not allow him go as they would soon return with a warrant
Two days ago, they got the warrant and Ambrose has been taken to Delta state.


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  1. This is Insane! ! This is the kind of a true Nigerian that we all are looking forward to DISCOVER! We must all rise up to support this young Nigerian of tomorrow before they kill him and twist the truth. And if the unilag students record office has collaborated on this case confirming the authenticity of his claims, why did EFCC not look into the matter????

  2. The main story has no truth.Mr. Ambrose Ezewani was at no time handed over to Delta State Government. Criminal complaints were made against the said Ambrose by his colleagues to the Police who had a duty to investigate and the Police is still handling the matter as a matter of statutory duty. I must add that the publication was made without first asking or seeking to hear from the Delta State Attorney General. The publication is certainly mischievious and without basis

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