Luxury Designer Malivelihood Denies Customizing Iphones For The President’s Daughter’s Wedding

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Luxury designer, Malivelihood has denied in a short interview with seasoned journalist, Fejiro Oliver that he was contacted by the president to design iphones for guests at his daughter’s wedding which held yesterday in Abuja.  Below is what he told Fejiro and their munched chat after the cut.

Fejiro Oliver: Hello MA. There are allegations via the social media that you customized some iphones for the President’s daughter’s wedding. Which I believe as a respected jeweler, and entrepreneur, you will not like your signature to be soiled up by craps. Please we would love you disprove this.
Malivelihood: The iphone was a gift from us to the couple. We just thank the President and we hope he receives one of the only 10 iphones we made for his daughter as a gift. [Like I] said in the other email, it was only 10, people got the statement wrong I think. But people saw the gift bag design made for them as well as a gift and they think it was phone inside the bag, so everything was misunderstood. Even the gifts have not got to the couple yet as they were busy.
Fejiro Oliver: Ok, thanks for this great information.See their munched chats below

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He said 10 but I see 11 phones or is it just my eyes?
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