Learn How To Delay Your Ejaculation Time By Almost 2 Minutes With Pelvic Floor Exercises

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A new study has shown that pelvic floor exercises can help men suffering from premature ejaculation.

Carried out in Italy, the study showed that performing pelvic floor exercises for 12 weeks helped men increase their period before ejaculation from an average of 31 seconds to 2 minutes 26 seconds.

How to perform pelvic floor exercises

Working these muscles has been shown to help with premature ejaculation.

To identify the muscles, sit relaxed and tighten the muscle around the back passage, as if trying to control wind.

You should be able to feel the muscle move.

With the correct technique you should feel a dip at the base of the penis, while the scrotum moves up slightly.

To perform the exercises: sit, stand or lie with your knees slightly apart.

Slowly tighten and pull up the pelvic floor muscles as hard as you can for as long as you can. Rest for four seconds then repeat.

Build up until you can do 10 slow contractions at a time, holding them for 10 seconds each.

Results are only likely to be seen after daily practice for three months.



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