Ladies, 11 Things Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About The Penis

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I don’t know if ladies get fascinated by men’s penises the way men get fascinated by vaginas. One thing I know though, many of us women are novices when it comes to handling our men’s junk in the trunk. To some of us, the penis is just for sex and beyond that, nothing else needs to be known. And even the knowledge of how to use it during sex is very limited.

Many believe that everything about the man, even his penis, is as straightforward as it comes, but that’s not so true. A man’s third leg has a mind of its own, as you’ll get to read.

If you dare, proceed on…


1. The Penis Needs Exercise. And when I talk about exercise, I mean sexual. Masturbation, hand-jobs, blowjobs, sex, the whole deal. Tobias Kohler, MD, assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Says the D “has to be essentially exercised,” or it would go out of shape. It has to be every so often enhanced with oxygen from blood rush that makes it erect, Kohler added. The brain has an automatic penis care function built in for even when a man finds himself not being aroused for a long time, and that is why you find men having weird erections at wrong places and odd hours. The average number of erections per day for a man is 11. This is quite interesting. It makes me wonder how many men one comes across who could be having a private moment. So ladies, don’t wait for the brain to do maintenance work your man; help him out all the freaking time.

2. The regular male orgasm lasts about 6 seconds while a woman’s can go for almost 23 seconds. What does this mean ladies? Ask him to help you with the big O since yours might take longer but once you get there, try not to turn him down when he wants more. It’s only fair that he has four orgasms for every one of yours. Abi e no make sense?

 3. There are two types of penises. Know which type your man has. One type is called the grower. When becoming erect, it expands and elongates while the other which is called the shower is naturally big most times but it doesn’t get much bigger after getting an erection. When you know what type your man has, you’ll know how to please him better. Research has it that 79 percent of men have growers while 21 percent have showers.

4. The penis is shaped like a boomerang and that is because it is actually twice as long as you would think it is. Half of its length is inside the man’s body, with the root tucked up inside the pelvis and attached to the pubic bone. And here’s the best part: it can actually be massaged over time to add length. So if you feel your man is too small for you, you should help him out. Constant hand-jobs that do not lead to quick ejaculation but keep the penis erect for a long time will definitely make it longer and bigger. Keep your hands busy, ladies.

 5. Many men have a pleasure zone and it is the underside of the head of the penis. It is said to be the most sensitive spot. Stop manhandling his balls all the time; concentrate on that underside and also on the penile opening where sperm and urine spurts from. Tickling it with the tongue can drive him crazy. Always remember that with each man is different. Thus, whatever worked for your ex may not necessarily work for your new beau. Ask him first but surprise him sometime by handling that penis shaft like a pro.  

6. Men don’t use their brains to have an orgasm. Yes, you might have guessed that already by now but here’s how it works: The signal to orgasm is triggered by muscle contractions in the spinal cord and pelvis and that is why certain positions in sex are very difficult for men to handle. Even those men who have learned how to go on for a long time have moments when they have “accidental discharge”.  

 7. Men lie about their size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6 percent of the male population needs magnum sized rubbers. I don’t get why they have to lie, though. We all know that size doesn’t matter. In fact, from what most of my friends who have been with big guys have told me, those guys don’t really know how to use them. The shocking amazing sex moments they have experienced came from men with average sizes and sometimes even small penises.

8. A man’s penis is a petri dish for a diverse community of bacteria. Studies from two doctors at the Translational Genomics Research Institute, in Flagstaff, Arizona after using genetic tests to identify the bacteria found on men’s penises, showed there were a total of 42 unique kinds of bacteria inhabiting the skin of the penis. Most of the bacteria didn’t need oxygen to grow. Their research also showed that uncircumcised men had more bacteria that circumcised men. This has helped explain why circumcision has been linked to a lower risk of getting HIV. One theory is that the bacteria may prompt the immune system to respond in a way that makes cells more vulnerable to HIV infection. So, this goes without saying that you should use a condom always but if you are sure your man is HIV negative or isn’t carrying any type of disease, insist on him keeping the place clean, dry, free of urine and unnecessary hairs before you go down on him or put it in you. Buy him an array of boxers so he can always change them.

 9. The older the man, the less sensitive he is, says a recent study. As a man gets older, he steadily loses his sensitivity. Right now there is no correct scale with which to judge by how much the sensitivity is lost but in general it is gauged by the least amount of stimulation a man is able to feel. It is called the “sensory threshold.” From age 25, sensitivity starts to decline. The sharpest drop is seen between age 65 and 75. If you’re with an older man, have this in mind: you will need extra help to keep that shlong up and running.

10. The shoe size of a man is not directly proportional to his penis size. If you want to know if a guy is packing heat, stop looking at his feet. Even dwarfs have been known to carry big sausages. And stop looking at the size of his muscles either; all that brawn could fall your hand when behind closed doors.

 11. Alcohol and cigarettes affect a man’s erection and size. Men will constantly be limp if they drink too much. Also cigarette smoking is linked to shrinking of a man’s penis by as much as a centimeter. If you love him and his little man, you’ll advise and help him to stay healthy.



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