Judge Denies Paul Walker’s Mother’s Petition For Temporary Guardianship Of His Daughter

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The judge who reviewed Paul Walker’s mother’s petition to temporarily guard his 15year old daughter, Meadow has denied the motion because he didn’t see the necessity of an immediate change.

“Why is temp guardianship needed? What is urgency?” Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner David J. Cowan wrote in a minute order after attorneys made a brief appearance Thursday in the March 18 filing by Cheryl Ann Walker. He says that additional paperwork was required to explain the need for a change in guardianship.

Walker’s attorney, Bela Lugosi, said he could not comment on the judge’s orders and he couldn’t say whether further paperwork would be filed.

Before Paul Walker died, he asked for temporary and permanent guardianship of his daughter. The family expert lawyer says that the judges’ denial of Walker’s mother’s petition doesn’t affect Paul Walker’s petition meaning that he can file for guardianship again. How does a dead person file again?

Walker willed to his daughter his entire estate, valued at up to $25 million.


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