Is It Morally Right For Our Celebrities To Show Off Their Wealth

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I was recently asked as Celebrity photographer “is it morally right for
our celebrities to show off their wealth?”
Hmmmmm I had a deep breath. There are numerous ways you can interpret
Nigerian / African celebrities showing off their wealth on social media. There is no right or wrong answer to it.

1. It can be interpreted that these celebrities are happy about the
fruition of their talent.

2. It can be interpreted that
theses celebrities are celebrating the success of their hard work or are getting the reward of their hard work. They didn’t steal their expensive
cars, jewellery, or gadgets.

3. It can be interpreted that they are
celebrating the “Surulere” of their achievement in life.

4. It can be interpreted that they are
insensitive to section of their fans who buy their album , films or pay
for concert tickets and cinema tickets. But on the other hand there is a
school of thought that argued these celebrities didn’t force anyone to buy
their singles, album or watch their movies in the cinema and there is
another school of thought that also argues that because these section of
fans appreciate the talents of these celebrities they willingly paid for
these tickets.

5. It can be interpreted that these celebrities are attracting unwanted
problems for themselves I.e thieves etc.

I strongly believe there is nothing wrong with our celebrities to show
off their wealth because it’s the reward of their hard work but my question
is, Nigeria / Africa are we ready or mature enough for this kind of
exposure by our celebrities showing off their expensive cars, jewellery, or
sharing of images splashing foreign currency. I know some of you will argue that foreign celebrities show off their wealth and we Nigerians / Africans are happy with such situation, why not our own celebrities. This kind of culture is acceptable here in Uk and in America but not fully acceptable in
Africa. There is a proverb in Yoruba Land which states “Ti isu eni ba jina, a fi owo bo ni”. → when one’s hardwork starts to pay off with success, one should remain humble and cautious. It’s not all clothes we dry in the sun.

Everything we do in life should be done in moderation
…Written by Michael Tubes



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