Ice Prince To Perform At Ex’s Wedding..See Tweets

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Surprise to the bride ke? Apparently, Ice prince is being booked to perform at his Ex’s wedding. So he wants to know how much to charge them. My advice? Collect all the money you spent on her..#OkBye

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Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

•SiLiFaH •Tall •Black •Beautiful •Forbes Woman •Tongue Twister •Tailor •Fruit Lover


  1. Its All cool, tho. Buh i rili fink u should nt go, Cus if she see;s u, its gono be like OMG stuff, or Maybe u can jux be d Boss u r, Bhave like its nofin. Chill bt dont Drink alright. jux Laff smile talk 2 people. buh after u r done. Walk straight 2 yah Car bro. nd Wiz off.. dats Respect 4 u..

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