How R-Kelly Allegedly Married Underaged Aaliyah and Gave Her an STD

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R Kelly

There has always been this great debate over whether R Kelly dated, married or even impregnated Aaliyah. If you’re one of those people, well wonder no more. He actually married her but the marriage didn’t last very long.


Here’s what really happened as a source who is close to the “Bump and Grind’ star revealed:

“Rob was sneaking and banging underaged Aaliyah, during and after recording sessions.

Aaliyah’s family basically turned her over to Kels with no supervision. All hell broke loose, two months later when she missed her period.

Kelly’s handlers saw visions of their cash cow and his protege’s career going down in flames. Statutory rape ain’t no joke. So they lied about her age, snuck off and got married so she could not testify against her husband. It was all for nothing because she wasn’t really pregnant.”

As it turned out they got the union annulled quickly and Kelly sent lil’ Aaliyah back home.

I do hope R Kelly has changed. After the video  of him nutting teenage girls came out in 2005 and now this past gist surfacing, we do hope that he behaves himself and sticks to women his age from now on.


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  1. THIS IS FUCKED – You should be ashamed of yourself publishing this article. Who cares! it was 20 years ago and she’s dead. its no ones fucking business

  2. Do you want your site to get shut down? I can send Robert’s management this very article and do some damage. Delete this crap.

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