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It takes serious guts—or major celebrity—to pull off shocking hair color like Demi Lavato’s new hot pink shade or the pinkish-lavender shade that Katy Perry debuted at the VMAs or the light purple shade Kelly Osborne debuted a while ago or our very own Munachi Abi with her platinum blonde cut. However, (somewhat) braver souls can try out the bright hair craze without committing to a full head of Crayon-worthy color. I think your hair colour depends on your skin tone, the darker the cooler and the lighter the extreme in my opinion.

Rocking this trend is the beautiful and very talented, Nqobilé Danseur – singer, actor and model is a third of the UK’s multiple award winning and Britain’s Got Talent 2013 semi-finalist Afro-pop dance group CEO Dancers. She talks to our style correspondent Myles Igwe on her colour change, hair tips and personal style.

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Myles Igwe(MI): Your hair!!!!! Let’s talk about that, what prompted the drastic colour change?
Nqobilé Danseur(ND): Well, I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a vibrant colour like green, blue or purple. Green seemed to be fitting for me right now. It’s my happy colour and it suits my quirky personality so I totally love it.

MI: Have you had any negative responses to this dramatic change?
ND: Not at all!! Everybody I’ve come across or has seen a picture of me with this hair totally loves it, surprisingly. I’ve had a lot of females approaching me about this colour and how I achieved it and they are inspired to do it too. So, I’m glad Radiant Salon got the colour and cut on point. They always give me the coolest colours to play with.

MI: Do you have any hairstyle tips for us?
ND: Sure, my thing is if you want to do a particular hairstyle you should NOT ask anybody what they think or whether you should do it or not, just go for it! Or else you will never get to do it and you’ll be waiting for people’s approval. I would recommend vibrant hair colours for the ladies especially as spring is approaching. Loud hair is SO much fun and it’s not as scary as most women think it is, so don’t be scared just go for it.

MI:Does your hair clash with some of your outfits when performing or do you like that effect?
ND: Haha!! Good question. Well, some of our dance costumes are quite extravagant and very loud and with this hair it’s expected to think it’s too much. However, as a performer especially dancers in the commercial industry ‘too much’ is actually a positive factor because you make a statement and stand out, which is a major part of being a dancer. So no, the hair actually aids the outfit and adds a lot if character to it.

MI: So how do you work with your hair with your regular outfits?
ND: See, that’s the thing people think when you make a drastic change with your hair you have to switch up your wardrobe, and that’s not necessarily true. I actually don’t match my hair to my outfits. I dress exactly how I dressed when my hair was blonde or dark brown. My style is generally quirky anyway.

MI: Will you be trying out another hair colour soon?
ND: Absolutely!! Radiant Salon always has me trying some amazing colours and styles. So definitely going to be changing my hair colour soon, but you’ll have to wait and see. Hehe…

MI: In three words describe your style.
ND: There is no definitive term to describe my style, because it spans across a wide variety of styles, such as retro, hobo chic, elegant, feminine, and many more. However, whatever I wear I make it UNIQUE to myself.

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