Guinea: Ebola Under Control, Few New Cases Reported

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The Ministry of Health in Guinea has said that there are few new cases of Ebola and that the outbreak is almost under control.

Ebola had broken out in a remote area of Guinea and spread to nearby Liberia, causing panic among other West African countries.

While Guinea claimed progress in containing the virus, U.S. experts opened a lab for testing for Ebola in Liberia and Gambia stepped up travel restrictions, banning in-bound flights from collecting passengers in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“The number of new cases have fallen rapidly,” said Rafi Diallo, a spokesman for Guinea’s health ministry, who gave the latest toll of 106 dead in Guinea from 159 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola since the outbreak began in February.

Diallo said the new cases being monitored were all people who had been in contact with those who had fallen ill but were not themselves unwell.

“Once we no longer have any new cases … we can say that it is totally under control,” he added.



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