Glory Edozien Presents New Talk Show ‘The Inspire Series’

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The Inspire Series is a lively, engaging and spirited talk show hosted by Glory Edozien. The show is aimed at encouraging women to ‘live, love pray and be inspired!’ The show is divided into two segments. The first, is the ‘one on one master class’ and the second is the panel discussion segment aptly named ‘women talk’.

Guests on the show feature a range of entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities, and individuals from all works of life who are shaping their communities and living out their dreams.

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About Glory Edozien

Glory Edozien has a doctorate degree in Real Estate and Environmental planning from the University of Reading, UK. She is currently employed by environmental management company based in Lagos as a Project Development Executive. She was previously the features editor for (currently the editor at large) and has interviewed several celebrities and persons of note. Such as Isha Seesay of CNN International, Banky W, Tiwa Savage, Haffsat Abiola Costello to mention only a few. Her articles have been published in, Complete Fashion Magazine, Elan, Daily Times and Fab magazine.

Glory’s Personal motivation for starting the inspire Series

“As my friends and I, danced away at my 30th birthday, in between the cutting of cake and the clinking of champagne glasses, I felt a niggling sense of loss. I kept asking myself: “what have I achieved?”, “what have I done with my life”? While to some, I may have been the poster child of things to do before you are thirty; highest educational qualification at age 28, great career, expense paid travel to present research at international conferences….I felt deeply unsatisfied with my life.

As I thought about it, I realized it was because I had done everything everyone expected me to do, gone to school, found a job and was now waiting patiently for my husband to arrive on a unicorn and whisk me away into the land of happily ever after dotted with perfect children, a nice house and summer vacations abroad. While there is nothing wrong with any of that, I still figured with the billions of people on earth, and with people dying and being birthed every second there had to be more to life than the ticking of boxes. There had to be more to God’s plan for creating me.

The more I thought about it, the more the notion possessed me, and it is this possession that has birthed the inspire series. I wanted to learn how to live dangerously. Not bungee jumping and rock climbing, I mean REALLY live by pushing the boundaries of what society said I could and couldn’t do. Do new things I never thought possible and debate topics many considered taboo.

What better way to learn these things than by sitting on the shoulders of women who are doing just that? Conquering the world in small and big ways while loving every single moment of it.

I assumed that if I felt this way, there were at least 10 or maybe even 20 women who felt the same? If you are one of these women then the Inspire Series is for you!

Let’s delve deep together and inspire each other. Let’s discuss openly the issues we face and discover solutions together. The Inspire Series is being birthed everyday, so I might not get it perfect from the start, but stay with me as we all learn and inspire each other to live the life God has created for us to enjoy.

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