Ginger! Terry G Allegedly Slaps Hotel Manager And Beats Staff Over Pool Policy

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Terry G is in the news once again.This time ,PM news reports that Terry G and his boys stormed a hotel to relax and when Terry G arrived the club, one of his boys forcefully jumped into the swimming pool without paying.

One of the hangout’s attendants asked the boy to come out of the pool but he refused. When he was dragged out, his colleagues reportedly reacted with violence.

“When Terry G and his crew arrived the hotel around 6p.m., one of his boys just jumped into the pool without paying. The security guard called him to come out but he refused. Even the owner of the hotel, Mr. George Obot, shouted at him but he refused. Terry G further messed up the whole issue when he started abusing Mr. Obot, telling the man what did he think he has and all sort of things..His boys started beating the security guards, while Terry G himself slapped the hotel manager who was trying to calm him down.”

Mr. Obot, the owner of Treasures Exclusive Garden, confirmed the incident. He said that he was disappointed in Terry G who came and messed up his place.

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. Since He(Terry G) is bigger than the owner of the Hotel, He should go build himself a HOTEL! That’s d pride destroying all of them

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