“Don’t Treat Me Like A Prisoner, I Am Not One” Chris Brown tells U.S Attorney

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Our dear Chris Brown has been in jail for sometime now awaiting his trial that is due to go on the 17th of April. Chris brown says that it is completely ridiculous that the U.S attorney wants to fly him to Washington D.C for his assault trial on CON AIR.

Chris Brown’s lawyer, Geragos, was in court pleading with the Los Angeles judge to grant him time with his client before the trail and to also let him fly back on his own for his trial. Breezy’s lawyer claims that putting Chris on a Con Air flight would deprive him the right to spend time with him in preparation for court battle.

The L.A. judge is still considering Geragos’ request. Goodluck Chris Breezy!


Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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