DJ Mannie Fresh, The Game “Impressed” With LeBron James’ Rap Freestyle [LISTEN]

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LeBron James has been getting a lot of credit recently, and it’s not for his basketball play.

The Miami Heat forward recently did a freestyle over a Jay-Z beat and has gotten praise from hip hop heads like DJ Mannie Fresh and The Game.

“LeBron is a lot nicer than a lot of the rappers out right now, ” Mannie Fresh said. “He got a nice little flow. He was a little cocky with it … I always like that in rappers. He was like ‘S**t, I’m not backing down!'” He added, “2 rings … that was a dope line.”

The Game took it a step ahead and said LeBron was “better than 88% of the rappers out there.” “The thing is … he ain’t as polished as expected — but no one is like the God MC on their first rap. I’ve heard a lot worse from CDs and on iTunes and s*** from real artists.”

Listen to LeBron’s rap below.



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