Defo Not Embarrassing – Things You Should Be Comfortable Doing In Front Of Your Man

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At the beginning of any relationship, there is usually the very awkward moments and the time both partners spend in getting to know each other. As time gets by however, you are expected to get more comfortable with each other and be rid of the initial awkwardness.


Being mad at him- If he has pissed you off or done something that irked you, then by all means tell him. There is no reason whatsoever why you should be scared of telling your man how you feel.

Some women have been scared (by their men) into believing they are being dramatic or overreacting when they complain about anything in a relationship. Some men just get on the defensive, walk away or make it look like it’s the woman’s fault.

Let this not stop you; you feel it you say it. Period.

Giving it to them like it is- Shouting and causing fights in public all the time is not only ratchet but the height of ridiculousness and believe me it changes you from being a lady to a market woman.

But when the need arises for you to show your inner bitch sometimes, it is allowed. For instance, the cab man that is rude for no reason or the person at the restaurant who is constantly being silly can be put in his place.

You don’t need to get the daggers out or tattoo their faces with your nails, just politely put them where they belong… yes even if it is in front of your man. Trust me when I say men like women who can hold their own and who they know, nobody can walk over.

Insecurity- Women have days when they feel sexy, when they are sure they are the hottest in the world and when they go all out to show it. They have days when that little imperfection in their bodies don’t matter and when they feel like they can rule the world.

They also have days when they feel ugly, when they don’t feel good and when they don’t believe they are in the least bit sexy. When days like that come, it is perfectly okay to show it to your man. A man who has a problem with this once in a while insecurity and who makes you feel worse is not one you should be with. Show him the door already.

Letting the water works flow- There is nothing wrong with being emotional with your man, there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and being open hearted. I mean even Olivia Pope becomes vulnerable in front of her men (President Fitz and Jake Ballad) sometimes and we all know Olivia Pope is the greatest baddolina ever liveth.

Let the man see your insides. He wont mock you for it; he would only see how much in love you are with him for you to feel comfortable enough to let him see beneath the beautiful.

Not looking so fine- At some point you’ve gotta let the brother see beneath all the makeup and the fine things that make you all dolled up. I know a couple of men who love when their women make up and I also know that these men love to see the natural look too.

Honestly, women who have found a way to be with makeup every time they are with their men are super humans to me, because I am still trying to decode the great means by which they keep the act up, but that one is story for another day.

Let him see you nude that is, without make up and see the real you. Let him see your hair scattered, let him see your eyes swollen or whatever it is they look like in the morning when you wake up.

Always remember that you are beautiful and never be afraid to be “embarrassing” around your man.






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