Dear Olivia Pope, My issue with Scandal…

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Scandal is a popular political suspense television show where the beautiful, talented Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope who is a public relations strategist/crisis manager who helps the President and other influential people in the Washington, DC area get out of scandals and rumors that could potentially hurt and damaged their careers. 

Olivia Pope is this driven, powerful, complicated smart, emotionally strong woman; who just so happens to be having an affair with the President of the United States. (Yes I said it) I made it all the way to season three of Scandal before I began asking myself why was I watching the show? Was it because of the twist and turns, intense drama, seeing an African-American woman doing her thing, or the love affair the fictional character Olivia Pope was having with the fictional President of the United States.

  I love the show and the writers do amazing job keeping the audience on their toes every scene, but I couldn’t help but notice that Olivia Pope was just a glorified side chick. She has a good paying job, some of the clothes she wore made you realized that your closet was NOTHING compared to hers, her confidence, professionalism and go-to attitude had lots of women clinging to her every fictional move, but she was a side chick. I know I’m being harsh but it’s the truth! With so much of black television being so Pro-Side Chick (Love&HipHop, Being MaryJane, The Game, Basketball Wives) it just made me disgusted that it seems like media put women in this category that it’s okay to be a side chick if you have nice clothes, a career, money, or live a content life. 
Olivia Pope deserves so much more and so do we, this glamorous side chick life isn’t reality. And we as women deserve to be the queens, mothers (not baby mommas) and wives. Stop allowing media put us in this bias stereotypical category. Even if we all were these things, media is only making it worse by depicting it. Our younger generation is being fed by the media, especially television with not a lot of people around to tell them whether the content is good or bad. Those watching Scandal or other television programs take such as entertainment but I believe there are others that see such a thing as okay and that if I’m being loved even if it’s by a married man it’s okay. Why is it okay to watch a woman cheat with a married man (oh because it isn’t happening to you? Well it could be if we as women continue to let this be the norm) If I wrote a blog saying I was dating a married man and that we love each other. The amount of comments telling me I’m a home wrecker and other nasty names would be flooded on my blog so why aren’t we saying anything to Olivia?  We have to do better, to be better.
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  1. Check! This is my exact issue with this series. I didn’t make it to season 3, stopped quite early in Season 2.

    1. I never really got into this TV series. I did not have to think too hard to decide why it was not my cup of tea. It does not send the right message on what a relationship should be and the roles of those involved. The fact that the POTUS is involved does not make it any less hard to watch. Call me moralistically prude but that’s just the way I see it!

  2. it’s just a showwwwwwwwww people.The truth is we all know what is right and that which is wrong. People will always go with their guts no matter what the media says. I can’t wait for season 4. #itshandled

  3. My problem is Kerry Washington.

    She is a terrible actress.

    I would probably like the show if she weren’t in it as I like the rest of the cast, but with Ms. Washington in it, it’s a pass.

  4. It’s a fictional. It’s a fictional tv show. Heck soap operas been doing this forever. They sleep with the whole town. Dallas . They are all fictional entertainment. Why do we as black people do this dang. I don’t see nothing about this on Dallas o’er devious maids

  5. I agree she is a side chick don’t like the show and never will understand why people glorify the side chick mentality. The fact that shows like Scandal and Being Mary Jane show women it’s okay to have no respect for yourself as a woman is a problem

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